Thursday, January 24, 2013

A side note to the side note

I went to the pharmacy to get Camryn's prescriptions. The doctor called them in. What he told Jay was that it would be Zithromax and something to help her breathing. I was hoping for breathing treatments. Instead it is Prednisone. I had the urge to put my head down by the cash register and cry. No one in the Shepherd household will sleep the next 5 days.

I walk out, having flashbacks to our last steroid experience, and find this Jakeleg parked right behind my car.

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The picture doesn't quite do it justice. He was just close enough that there was no way I could back out. Especially considering there were cars on both sides of me. And he was right in the middle of the driveway. I tried to take deep breaths thinking that maybe he was having car trouble....because only someone with car trouble would park like that. There were plenty of parking spaces on the other side of him....only 20 steps more than where he parked.

Finally he comes meandering out of of the store and walks all the way around his dinky truck. He looked like he was checking it for dings. I should've just backed into the thing when the urge first came over me. He's just lucky he didn't catch me on the tail end of Camryn's prednisone prescription. I'm pretty sure it would've been a Fried Green Tomatoes Moment....but instead of me  saying I am older with better insurance I'd scream my car is full of mud, it is leaking oil and I think something is wrong with the power steering. How can it get worse????

As Jay and I were talking tonight we were also discussing how I saw some kids at McDonalds that should've been in school. They knew I had caught them. I knew one of them, one of them I didn't know and one I couldn't see. I guess there was also a 4th one but I told Jay I didn't see him. Then I remembered the other strange part of my day. McDonalds was full of young Mormon men who must have been on their 2 year thing they do. There were men in black suits every where.  I mean everywhere. McDonalds was packed. I'd guess there were at least 40 of them so it's not surprising I missed the 4th kid. I think my brain forgot about that part of my day because it couldn't handle any other unusual things.

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