Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Too Much Disney!!!

We've been watching too much Disney Junior lately. This morning I was singing Jake and the Neverland Pirates song on the way to work. Right now I am trying to concentrate on a file and I'm singing (in my head of course) Chuginton chu chu chu Chuginton AND the worst one....
Cade told me he belted out the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song in front of a friend this weekend. He was pretty embarrassed, but he handled it pretty well. It could've been devastating for a
10 year old.

Why do they have to make those tunes so catchy?


Charity said...

I'll start to worry when Cade stands on your bed and looking into the mirror sings the Choo, Choo train soul. That's what Lawson does.


Anonymous said...

I relate. We are constantly singing, "I feel better" from Doc McStuffins. However, I must admit that I do love the small potato song.

Crystal said...

I think that Choo Choo train one that Lawson likes is creepy!

Last night Camryn was screaming because Doc McStuffin's was on as I came in from a walk. She detests Doc McStuffin's for some reason. I finally got the channel changed and asked Jay and Cade why no one was listening to her and changing the channel. Jay said the tune was catchy :)