Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Eve Night

Since we were in Sheldon for the day we didn't make any plans because we didn't want to be rushed on either end. Turns out that was a good thing since the Black Plague seemed to be settling in on us as we left Sheldon. Jay and Cade both had sore throats...and moods were quickly going downhill.

Earlier in the fall the beauty shop next door sent the Schwan's man into our office. When I saw that yellow truck I cursed the beauty shop employees. Pam and I hate buying things but we also hate telling people no. We did take a catalog to look at. Turns out they do have some food that is priced pretty decently and it is better than the Aldi's frozen pizzas I was subjecting the boys to on busy nights. I haven't heard Jay complain about heartburn once. I knew I had a Schwans frozen lasagna in the freezer so that ended up being our fancy CE meal. The moral of that story is don't necessarily turn the Schwans man away next time he knocks on your door. He may be a lifesaver on your next important occasion.

After we ate we did the Nativity set that Corey and Kristy gave us a couple of years ago. I decided I would feel less like a failure if I gave up the notion of adding a figure each night for 7 days. Instead we did them all at once on CE and that worked pretty well.

You may notice that Camryn is only wearing a diaper. Our tradition is to open Christmas Jammie's after we read the Christmas Story on CE. She trashed her other Christmas Jammie's my mom gave her with her lasagna. Then she refused to put the pair on that Sharon gave her. At 18 months she already has some strong ideas about her clothing. So I let her go almost naked. It didn't seem to bother her

Once everyone was finally dressed we read The Night Before Christmas and left milk and cookies out. Cade was really by feeling good because he wanted to go to bed at 8 and we weren't far behind him.

Oh- and these are my absolute favorite PJ's I ever got Jay. I could not wait to give them to him.

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