Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What could I title this post....

There are many different titles I could've used for this one....
How to blow through your health Flexible Spending Account in One Day...How to meet your family deductible in 1 day...how to forget you are mad at your husband... Why am I sitting in Urgent Care in the middle of flu season and I'm not even sick...really it was just too hard to decide on only one. Here is the whole story from yesterday which will be forever known as the most expensive day in the Shepherd household to date.

Back when Jay was sick after Christmas he had made an appointment with the kids doctor for the 14th. He wanted to switch to a doctor in MV. The timing turned out to be good because he had a relapse at the end of last week. Dr D said his lungs were inflamed. He got a steroid shot in the office and scripts for prednisone and Zithromax again. They also drew blood and will do a whole blood work up.

Since he already had one appointment he made an eye appointment for the same day. He has needed to do that for awhile so he knocked them all out in one day. He will be getting new glasses in about a week.

Then he also needed to squeeze in the chiropractor yesterday. Sunday morning he slipped on our driveway and fell on his shoulders and back of his head. He is lucky he wasn't knocked out. He could've froze before I would've realized he was gone too long just to be feeding.

So in between all his appointments I called to see about lunch. He was buying a gun. Not to air our problems on the blog like you see on FB all the time, but lets just say I wasn't happy. I knew he was going to buy one, I just didn't know he was doing it yesterday.

On the way home from work yesterday I prayed a lot about trying to let my irritation go. It wasn't like I didn't know that was his plan eventually. I got home and we ate dinner. Jay went out to feed and I started slicing potatoes to get a start on tonight's dinner.

Apparently God didn't think I'd get over my irritation all cozy and snugly in my Jammie's at home. Nope. Not one little bit. Instead I sliced my thumb open with a knife that I had just thought to myself seemed a little dull. Cade saw the blood and ran to get a band aid. Then he took Camryn in our room and turned on the TV for her. He was a big help.

I called Jay and asked him to come in and look at my thumb. I'm a bleeder anyway so it was hard to tell how deep it was. Jay said it probably wouldn't hurt to get stitches. It was 7 and Urgent Care closes at 8. I rushed to change my clothes and flew out of the house. Jay stayed with the kids because they didn't need to sit at Urgent Care and there wasn't time to load them and their gear.

The whole way to Springfield I was thinking "of course I would do something like this and have to go to Urgent Care in the middle if the worst flu epidemic in a decade." Then I did laugh because God definitely helped me to forget I was irritated with Jay. I made it by 7:45. Since I was the last patient of the night I didn't have to sit with the sickies for very long.

By 9 I was on the road back home with 3 stitches, an up to date DTaP and 2 antibiotic prescriptions. Whew!!! What a day. I'll probably be wearing leggings for a few days. My thumb is tender and it is in the spot you need to be able to pull your pants up.

I guess the moral of the story is to remember God answers our prayers in unexpected ways!!! I just hope I didn't bring something else home with me besides stitches and the anticipation of getting another bill from Cox. I feel like I might as well tell them "just put it on my tab- Ill probably catch the flu in a few days from these people so ill be back." At least I know I'm covered against whooping cough since that was part of last nights vaccination.

Please excuse any errors. I am typing one thumbed today.

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