Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sick Baby...Again

Looks like I will be staying home today with this poor thing. Stacy called me yesterday and said Camryn was miserable. I had a feeling something was going on because she had been extremely cranky over the weekend and very lethargic New Years Day. Actually I had been pretty concerned about her. I was almost relieved when the nurse said her temp was 101.3. At least I knew there was a concrete reason for why she seemed sick. This has been our 4th trip to the doctor in a month!! Dr D looked down her throat and said it looked like strep. He didnt put her through the misery of swabbing it. Since we can't get
This chest congestion cleared up she needed an antibiotic anyway. Here's to hoping round 2 of Zithromax does the trick. And as soon as he said strep my throat started feeling sore...

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