Sunday, February 3, 2013

Full Disclosure

Tonight’s post will either 1.  Make you feel so much better about yourself and the way you keep house because yours isn’t as bad as mine or 2.  Hopefully will make you feel like you aren’t alone.

The last few weeks around our house have been far from perfect.  I’m trying to paint and do other fix-ups to our house.  My family members aren’t cooperating with my plans because they keep getting sick!!!  It is very hard to change out shelf paper when you are seriously contemplating changing your little one’s name on her birth certificate to Typhoid Mary.  This has been a long winter in our household.  You know how about every other purchase in your checkbook in Wal-Mart?  Ours right now goes Dr D, Hometown, Dr. D, Hometown. 

I’ve been working on this shelf paper thing for a whole week.  I’m about to poke my eyes out.  When am I going to learn that when I think something will be easy it takes considerably longer than I originally estimate???  This weekend was going to be low key.  We were going to Cade’s game Saturday afternoon then Camryn and I were going to shop with my mom, sister and her kids after the game.  It was going to be fun…..
Saturday morning Camryn woke up about 4 and I put her in bed with us.  I thought she felt a touch warm.  I prayed I was wrong and tried to go back to sleep.  Two restless hours later is was clear she was running a pretty high fever.  Jay left before 8 to get a hair cut and work on the TV situation at our church for the Super Bowl party.  Sometime, before 10, he called to say the TV was not working and it looked like we were going to have to move the party to our house.  So I am surrounded by laundry and other home improvement messes, holding a hot baby and watching Mickey for the 5th time that morning and he is telling me we are moving the party to our house.  Great.

Thankfully Sharon called about that time and she offered to watch Camryn for us yesterday.  I really didn’t feel bad about it because I knew Camryn would love Memo’s full attention and that way I could go to Cade’s game.  I also wanted to spend some time with my mom so I decided to go ahead with my shopping trip.  Bless Jay’s heart, he came home and worked on our house.
Jay had everything done but our kitchen when he went to get Camryn last night.  Then about 9 he called me with the best news ever.  Someone had gone up to the church and got the TV to work.  It looked like we had escaped the party.  Anyone who knows the situation I was in yesterday will understand what an absolute relief that was.  I can handle a lot but that really was a bit too much even for me. 

Camryn felt pretty cool most of the night so we thought she was on the mend…until about 4 am.  The fever was back.  It has been back and forth all day.  She swings back and forth from wanting to be held to dumping powder all over our hardwood floor….which made it like a sheet of ice.  I’m amazed no one has needed to go to the ER yet.  Thankfully I managed to grab the back of the chair before I went down.  The only thing that has kept her consistently happy is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I love Mickey but going into hour 11 of it was about to push me over the edge.  I’m not even a football fan, but I was so relieved when she nodded off and I was able to turn on the Super Bowl. 

I’ve worked off and on all day on my cabinet project.  My kitchen is a disaster.  I’ve also tried to do some laundry but there hasn’t been a lot of time for that.  Then Cade started not feeling good this afternoon.  He was still insisting on going to the football game.  It would’ve been devastating to him to have stayed home so we loaded him up on Immodium and sent him anyway.  I figured that was Jay’s problem.  I had my hands full here keeping up with the remote so MMC would be on non-stop. 

So here are some scenes from my life today.  As you look at these pictures conjure up Mickey’s Voice saying “Come on Pluto” constantly. 

I’d work a little on my paper project then I’d stop and hold Camryn for awhile.  That made everything slow going.  It also doesn’t help that I hate contact paper.  It gives me a pull in the back of my neck.  That’s probably why I didn’t use it when we moved in 8 years ago.  But the end result is nice…..I’m using wrapping paper, which is 1000 times prettier than the regular shelf paper.  I’m holding it down with spray adhesive and then covering it with clear contact paper.  But all that stop and go made a huge mess…..

But I know my hard work will pay off.  This is the pantry.  It is the only put together spot in the whole house.  The only thing that kept me from locking myself in there today to get away from the rest of the mess was the fact there were Oreos in there.  I already seemed to be doing a lot of nervous eating.  I didn’t need to be that alone with the Oreos. 

This is my poor baby when she finally drifted off this evening.  I’m afraid my next two entries in the checkbook are going to be Dr. D…Hometown… And that isn't even taking into consideration Patient Zero at the Super Bowl party.  I have a feeling I'm not going to work tomorrow.  The big question will be who do I charge the sick time to....Camryn, Cade or even "Sick of Mickey" Or  "my house has drove me to brink of insanity" qualify as an actual illness???

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