Monday, February 11, 2013

Spirit Week-Duck Dynasty Day

Spirit Week is this week. It is going to be a week centered on creativity. Besides dressing up every day we also have to do a Valentines Box plus finish up the house for the tile next Monday. I'm armpit deep in DIY projects. I guess we like to do everything at once.

Here is Cade's version of Duck Dynasty, Jay even found an Uncle Si look alike cup.


Charity said...

I'm impressed he even has camo bibbers. Do you all have "hippy day"? That poor carpert guy the year he was at the house for most of our spirit week. I wonder if he was ever scared?

Crystal said...

That poor carpet guy!! No, I don't think they have anything as creative as hippie day. We do have a pajama day...yuck!!

Anonymous said...

What about tourist day. I think that was about the funniest day. That was the next year though.
I'm sure glad I didn't know there was going to be a party that weekend. I would have been stressed to the max.