Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pajamma Day and Camryn

Another random post.  I have no picture of Cade this morning because he did not participate in Pajamma Day for Spirit Week.  What a dumb, unoriginal day.  I could come up with hundreds of better ideas than that.  Why do we need to give people any more excuses to walk around in pajamma pants???  Jay and I always cringed when we saw Cade's class was participating in any sort of pajamma day.  Some days we just wouldn't tell him what it was.  Thankfully he's matured enough that he knows it is a dumb day.  In fact that was the first thing he said to Jay when he woke up this morning.  Not that Cade is any sort of GQ model or anything. I made him change his shirt twice today.  For some reason he thinks any kind of short sleeved shirt can go over any kind of long sleeved shirt.  I'm raising Sheldon Cooper.  Jay told me I was going to give him a complex.  I told him that I was going to teach the boy what can be worn together! 

Camryn and Jay made me laugh today.  Of course Jay would say I am completely wrong about this but we women know what I'm talking about.  You all know how men can't handle multi-tasking very well.  It is just the way they are made.  Camryn, since she is all girl, is already honing her multi-tasking skills.  This morning Jay was trying to dress her and she wanted her milk and she wanted Mickey Mouse and she was asking for that over and over.  Finally Jay said "One thing at a time!!  Right now I'm putting on your shirt."  I know how Camryn was feeling.  Jay and I are experiencing the same thing right now.  My head is swirling with everything I want to do in the kitchen and bathroom and I'm trying to talk to him about it.  I'll switch over to paint colors and he will still be trying to remember what day the tilers are coming. Jay's thinking one thing at a time....I'm thinking why can't you handle all of this at one time????  You know God has a sense of humor because why would He have made us so different? 

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