Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Finished Product

I had meant to take before pictures of everything, but that didn't happen. I did post some after our 1st home study in 2007 so that will give you an idea.

In the kitchen we painted all the cabinet fixtures, furnace vents and one of the door knobs just to see how they would turn out. It actually went really good until we put the first clear coating some of them. I would definitely do it again, but make sure to put the clear coat on very very lightly. I am going to finish all the doorknobs eventually. Right now the cold weather is messing with my spray painting plans.

Does anyone else have that much crap on their fridge?  I had a great aunt who covered every inch of her fridge with magnents and I hated it.  I swore I would never even own a magnet.  Then I had kids and my friends and family had I have a ton of magnets (since that is what Jay collects on our vacations) holding up a ton of pictures of my kids and other kids who are special to us.  If you ever wonder what happens to the picture Christmas card you send us it goes on our fridge until we get a new one the next year.  I'm glad that is one thing I relaxed on as I got older and wiser :) 

I wish I had taken an in process picture of the hinge painting that went down on these cabinets.  I'm not going to sugar coat it - those hinges were the B***h piece of this whole project.  Every thing you ever do has that one part that makes you want to pull your hair out.  The hinges were that for me.  It took me hours and hours to tape off every hinge.  I do think the full effect was worth it, I'm just not sure I'd ever do it again.  Lots of kitchen cabinets are definitley a blessing...until that translates into 2 hinges per cabinet door.  That is a lot of taping to be done.   

 You've seen some pictures of the laundry room, but here it is a little more finished.  In keeping with my Fiesta colors I'm going to use red and creamy yellow accents in here.  Terry gave this to Jay a few years ago for Christmas - now it has the perfect home.

This picture makes this are look a little cluttered, but in real life it isn't.  When your back is pressed up against the washer you can't relaly get a good shot.  After discussing it with Charity last night, I think I will paint the baskets creamy yellow and put red ribbon around them.  I love to spray paint anything I can get my hands on :)

This is my spice cabinet.  I just have to throw it in because I'm proud of it.  I've searched for the perfect way to store my spices for years.  I finally found it.  This cabinet makes me so happy.

Our hall bathroom also got a makeover. It was supposed to have lighter colored tile, but they laid the darker and we didn't realize it until it was too late. Luckily for the people laying it we are easy going people! Actually I like the darker better than the lighter and Jay thought the whole time we were putting the same color everywhere so we let it go. But can you imagine the butt chewing those guys could've got???

We spray painted the towel and toilet paper holders and the brass light above the mirror oil rubbed bronze.  Same as the cabinet hardware.  The star used to be red but a little black spary paint changed the whole look of it.  I love it on my camel colored wall.  I even gave the barn on the counter a facelift by painting it a new color.  I love that barn and didn't want to get rid of it. 

Jay also replaced the sink and faucet.  I read that some people are brave and spray paint theirs.  I thought about it but since our sink was rusting and needed replaced we changed the faucet.

And my favorite part of the new bathroom... And that shelf used to be maroon.  Again, a cheap bottle of spray paint will change the look of almost anything.

Sweet bathtime pictures of Cade and Camryn.  I'm pretty impressed with Cade's picture.  Since it would be creepy to snap a picture of him in the shower now, I had to use an old one.  We didn't have a digital cameral then so this picture is a picture of a picture I took with my iPhone.  I thought it turned out really good.  I had them made into desktop plaques on Shutterfly.  That was a Pinterest idea. A lot of these things were Pinterest inspired. I've never been too in to it until we started this project so I was late to the game...which meant Jay was also behind. He said every time he mentioned his Pinterest projects to other men they would laugh at him. He could probably start an anti-Pinterestgroup for men. He would probably call it "Why Command Strips Won't Work for Everything"

Our project is pretty much done.  I'm still going to paint our bedroom and bathroom but I'm waiting a while for know until things slow down (ha ha ha).  I'll post pictures of our bathroom tile when I get all of that done.  I'm sure Jay is glad because I started to tell him something the last day and it was about something unrelated to our project.  He said "I do not want to hear one more thing about Pinterest." 


Charity said...

everything looks really good. When are you coming to help me?

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, you have a very special husband. Mine would have no part in anything related to home projects!