Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spirit Week, Unexpected Bittersweetness and Chocolate

This post is somewhat random. First off today is Favorite Sports Team day. You can probably guess what Cade wore. He really doesn't look any different from a normal day, but I took a picture anyway. It struck me that he is growing up so much.

The 2nd thing is the unexpected bittersweetness (not sure that is even a word). I snapped the picture on our way into his eye doctor's officer this afternoon. Cade started seeing Dr A nine years ago. Our last visit was two years ago. When we walked into the waiting room it struck me how much Cade has changed since we were last here. He used to drive us crazy with all the toys in the waiting room. He would be mad if we didn't wait very long because that meant he didn't get to play with the toys. Today I realized how much he had outgrown the waiting room. But I quickly over my sadness. When we got into the exam room he still touched everything around the chair. He can not just sit without touching or kicking something. He gets that from his father. But it is comforting to know some things don't change.

And the chocolate part. Stacy said Camryn work up from her nap asking for chocolate yesterday. Stacy said she didn't have any but when Dan came home from work he had Girl Scout Cookies. That seemed to appease Camryn. I've always said her 4 major food groups are Paper, Plastic, Lotion and Anything in a squirt bottle...guess I should add a 5th- chocolate!!

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