Friday, March 30, 2012

March 28th

I've been MIA the last few days due to a nasty stomach bug.  It hit Sunday night and it took about 48 hours for me to start feeling better.  Thankfully though so far (fingers crossed) no one else seems to have caught it.  As a wife/mother you learn to share just about everything you have but illness is definitely one thing you want to keep to yourself.  Honestly, as many people that I've been around that's had it I consider myself lucky to have escaped it as long as I did. 

But before I got sick we were busy with all kinds of things.....

  • Saturday Cade went with Jay to his contest so he could judge livestock.  In those years we were waiting for Camryn I did look forward to when Jay would finally declare Cade old enough to go with him.  I'd have a Saturday to myself.  How ironic is it that he's finally old enough to go once we got Camryn?  We did a little math and discovered I more than likely will never have a Saturday to myself in March.  If Camryn is old enough to go with Jay when she's in the 4th grade (provided she will even want to go) Cade will be in college.  I'll be doing college laundry.  We really aren't old for having a baby but when we think about things like that it makes our heads spin. 
  • Cade judged livestock and came in 3rd from last.  But it is impressvie when you think that the two kids he did beat were in high school and Cade didn't even give reasons.  The other two kids did.  That was 100 pts right there that Cade gave up.  Even more impressvie though was that some friend's of ours little boy was there with his 4-H group.  Lucas is in the 2nd grade and finished 25th in the contest (out of about 120 kids).....competing against high school kids.  His parents were both on the MSU judging team so apparantly he got the best of both their abilities.  Hopefully the other high school kids don't realized they were beat by an 8 year old....
  • While the boys were gone Camryn and I signed Cade up for baseball and bought paint for his room. Then we went out to eat because we didn't have anything for Camryn to eat at the house. We've been to this restaurant pretty frequently over the years but I don't think it's been as often since we got Camryn. There is this particular waitress who has waited on us several times. Saturday she leaned over and told Camryn she remembered seeing me pregnant with her. At first I chalked it up to being mistaken. Someday I hope Camryn will laugh with us when people make those ridiculous comments, but that day she just smiled at the waitress. Later I got to thinking that I hoped the lady never really thought I looked like I was pregnant. I walked away from the restaurant that day slightly disturbed.
  • Saturday I worked on taking Cade's tractor border down that's been in his room since he was 3. It was kind of sad. Here is some free advice for anyone who wants to put up wallpaper border. Don't buy the paste from Wal-Mart. Three sides of Cade's room had Sherwin Williams paste and they came down like magic. The 3rd side had to be repaired when Hurricane Ike dumped water on the tiny whole in the roof missed by the roofer in 2008. We bought some paste at Wal-Mart because it was convenient. I didn't think I was going to get it off the wall.
  • Sunday afternoon I managed to get it painted. About 3/4 of the way through the 2nd coat is when I started feeling yucky. Thank goodness I got it done before the plague overtook me. We'd still be walking around Cade's furniture in weird places in the house. His room is done except for 2 finishing touches that I'll take care of in the next couple of weeks. I'll post some pictures then. As Cade said "I like that white a lot better than that Lemon Yellow it was painted". It was painted Sherwin Williams Antique White, but whatever....

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