Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 23rd (Part 2)

I posted the first March 23rd post too soon.  After I got home Jay thought we should go out to eat.  After my day at work I was more than ready to do that.  We decided to eat BBQ.  As soon as we sat down the customer that I avoided at lunch walked up to our table.  I about fell over because it was so funny.  I really do like these people, I was just too mentally tired to talk at lunch. It was fine last night because Jay carried the conversation.  The first thing he said to us was "I figured you'd see my car in the parking lot and decide to go somewhere else".  Really, isn't that hilarious?  I got my payback though...I was using one hand to help Cade pour his leftovers in the takeout box and had my other hand on Camryn to keep her from falling out of the booth. She reached up and grabbed the straw out of my water and my full 20oz glass of very cold ice water fell on my lap.  We still had to go to Wal Mart.  I walked around with wet pants the rest of the night.

While we were in Wal Mart Cade decides he has to go the bathroom as soon as we get on the opposite side of the bathroom.  We had just been right there!  Jay took him so that left me with the cart and Camryn.  She didn't want to ride in the cart.  I'm not sure what I do to my kids but neither of them want to ride in carts or strollers.  At first I thought it was Cade.  Now I know it has to be something Jay and I do to them.  I tried putting her in the cart because I only needed a few things and it would go so much faster.  She started fussing so I bent over so I'd be closer to her and hopefully trick her in to thinking she was being held.  Instead she pulled the neck of my shirt down and stuck her head in my shirt.  I had to keep both hands on the cart to keep from running into a man I was passing.  It surprised me so much.  I was embarrassed.  Jay said the man probably just thought Camryn was hungry.  I know....She is always doing things like that.  I can't imagine what she would do if I actually was nursing her. 

A few minutes later she tried to do the same thing.  It caused my cart to veer to the right.  There was a lady on that side but really I was still far enough away that I wasn't even close to hitting her.  She screamed "whoa whoa".  Good grief.  It wasn't like we were playing chicken.  Jay thought they might have been a high strung bunch because he saw the dad telling the wife to take a chill pill on another aisle.   If you were in to people watching Wal Mart was the place to be last night.  Including me with the wet pants and Camryn's head down my shirt.

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