Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 13

I really didn't plan to write a post every day about March, but the thrills are non-stop around here. The office is still an absolute mess. We moved computers around on Monday. Today we kept throwing a breaker. It's like being in Disneyland all day long (not!). Then today Pam and I had a meeting in Springfield (I left her drive, great decision on my part). After the meeting we decided to stop for a drink. We got rear ended. Thankfully no one was hurt and the vehicles weren't damaged too bad. Just some scrapes. Since Pam's husband is an auto body teacher it was for the best she was driving:) It wasn't too big of deal....we just got quite a jolt in more ways than one.

The other bit of excitment that has been talked about a lot in the last 24 hours is our cattle. Buttons, Cade's first bull has some sort of infection. He doesn't have any problems breeding cows but his tests don't come back good enough to be sold for a bull. That was disappointment number 1 for Jay when he found out about that yesterday. Disappointment #2 was about Jewels, Cade's other show heifer. At least I think she's still a heifer. I'm loosing track of what ones have had calves previously. Anway, Jay thought she was bred to another bull. He even sent blood samples somewhere to make sure she was bred and they came back positive. Apparantly she lost her calf somewhere along the way and no one knew. But a vet checked her out last week and she is pregnant....and if you count back from when she is due to when she would've been bred that makes Buttons the father. Buttons and Jewels are full brother and sister. We may have a three headed calf come June. Jay is sick about it. I've had to laugh about it a little....Really, Jay and I are total reproductive disasters. If it's not us it's our livestock. I mean we have a bull who has a terrible sperm count but manages to get his full sister pregnant. What are the chances? Cade has been the only thing we've had turn out reproductively speaking in the 12 years we've been married.

But our reproductive disasters are ok because it did help to bring this sweet baby girl into our lives. Tonight we went to the park for a little bit and I put her in a swing for the first time. She liked it for about 10 seconds and then she was through with it. I was looking back on the blog and a year ago was the start of some very rough adoption months for us. I think from the middle of March to May 17 we were shown about as many times as we were the other 3 years we waited. We were getting No's right and left from both agencies. Last spring was a very frustrating time. I still get overwhelmed when I think about all that we went through and how God turned it into way more than I ever could've hoped for. Life is so different than it was a year ago....

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Shelley said...

I love those pictures. Especially the "Get me, Mommy!" Such a cute little bug.

You refreshed my memory. It WAS a big spring for showings. How did we do it? Rejection over and over again. I could understand long waits better if it was for a healthy white infant....but when you are so open it makes it that much harder!

And then your baby gets placed with you, and viola! You know why.

God works in mysterious ways.

Anonymous said...

Love the little "toothy" grin. Yeah we have breeding issues too sometimes with our cows. I think it is all too much trouble! But don't tell my hubby that!!!!