Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 18th

Today was my 35th Birthday.  We celebrated it the same way we did the last time it fell on a Sunday, which happened to be 5 years ago.  I woke up thinking about my 30th Birthday this morning.  I was on my 5th round of Clomid hoping to have our 3rd and hopefully successful IUI.  I remember Jay taking a picture of me with Cade that morning before we left.  We had also turned in our application for Bethany 2 months earlier and we were waiting to wait.  I used that picture of Cade and me for our adoption profile.  It's probably for the best I didn't know what the next 4 years and 3 months would hold.  I might have changed my mind.  It's a good thing that didn't happen because we would've missed out on a whole lot of this sweetnesss!

We took Cade and his friend Matthew to Silver Dollar City for the day.  It was crazy!  Very, very crowded.  I think the boys had a good time though.  We were waiting on them to get done with a ride so I had Jay take our picture.  After SDC we ate at Cracker Barrel and then took Cade to Ridemakerz so he could spend a gift card he got for Christmas.  Then we came home.  I'm not going to lie and don't think I'm terrible....but it was a struggle to not drive 90 mph to get home faster.  We were in my car, which is tiny, and Cade and Matthew were driving me nuts!  If they had just talked it would've been ok, but they were shooting each other and fake punching.  Jay took a nap from Branson to Springfield.  I had the radio up loud trying to block out the noise.  I'm sure Camryn was doubting our love for her....we tell her we love her, but yet we stuck her between those two loud boys for an hour.  After we dropped off Matthew we told Cade we were driving the rest of the way home in silence.  I'm sure my parents did the same thing to me when I was his age and I vowed to never do that with my kids.  At least there is comfort in knowing when Cade is 35 he will do the same thing and finally understand why Jay and I were so frazzled today.

Today was a great day, except Camryn has entered into that awkward stage.  She got tired of being in her stroller and being held - she wanted to be down, but since she can't walk there was no place to put her.  I spent a lot of time carrying her.  I think this was about the hottest birthday I can remember.  I'm positive I've never sweat as much on any other March 18th as I did today.  Jay took the boys to a ride and I found a cement area where Camryn could sit.  For the first 10 minutes it was great.  She would pick up the wood chips and look them over.  Then she tried to sneak one in her mouth.  Then she started trying to shove handful after handful in.  I'd pull one hand away and she'd have another hand ready to go.  After several minutes of non-stop trying to eat wood chips I decided to track down Jay and the boys.

Jay just walked in and told me to add this quote to the post "I would not recommend putting Cade Shepherd and Matt Jones in a car for an hour together". Those two don't have a moment of silence when the are together. The are in the same classroom. I really feel sorry for Mrs. D. And for her it's Cade and Matt x 25.

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Shelley said...

Happy Birthday, Crystal! You look great in yellow by the way!