Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23rd

y`This has been a long exhausting week at work.  I'm not sure why things are so busy....Cattle prices are high right now so I don't know if that is the deal?  Farmers have a little extra money in their pockets.  Goodness knows that doesn't happen often!    I know someday it will slow down, but right now it doesn't feel like it ever will.  Or that I'll ever get caught up.  I guess that is job security???? 

Due the extreme business the last few weeks though when I leave for lunch I don't want to talk to anyone, especially customers.  I want to hole up with my book and get 30 minutes of quiet.  If you can't tell I'm feeling a little drained.  I'm not complaining because I am very thankful I have a job, but it's hard to explain how things have been lately without sounding like I'm complaining.  Anyway, today I thought I'd go to Subway for lunch.  I pulled up and shut my car off.  Luckily I looked up before I got out of the car.  I saw a customer and his wife sitting inside.  I started my car again and went somewhere else for lunch.  Hopefully they didn't notice.  I don't think I made eye contact with them.  And even though I wanted to back out quickly and high tail it out of the parking lot I did do it with a reasonable speed.  I don't think they noticed....It's nothing personal towards these customers, they are really nice people that I like a lot.  I just didn't feel like having to make conversation today.  When I tell Jay that story he will more than likely respond with "you are so weird".  I probably am, but oh well! Does anybody else do things like that?

And on a unrelated note - for those of you who know Mt Vernon....When I was walking from my car into the building after lunch a car circled through the parking lot.  They had their window down so I knew they needed to ask a question.  I was expecting they needed directions.  Instead they asked "do you have a Red Lobster here"?  They are lucky I didn't fall over laughing before I could tell them no.  I wish I had thought to look at their license plate.  Obviously they aren't from around here.  Mt Vernon is the biggest tease of a town....something about the way it's laid out right on the Interstate makes you think it should have lots of retail/restaurants....but it doesn't.

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