Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12

I don't know why, but the 6 weeks that I'm older than Jay seems to be a big deal around our house.  Jay loves to rub it in.  Since he makes a big deal about it Cade is picking up on it. 

Cade spent the weekend with Jim and Sharon and we forgot to pack his Singular.  We missed 2 doses of it and it is not quite a sinus infection but it looks suspicious.  Since they were out of school today Jay took Cade to the doctor so he wouldn't have to miss any school later in the week.  Which as a side note Jay thought it was a travesty they were in the doctors office from start to finish for 70 minutes.  I told him that was a good day :)  Anyway, Cade doesn't have a full blown sinus infection yet, but the doctor gave him a prescription for nose spray to use now and an antibiotic in case he starts running a fever later in the week.  After the appointment they picked me up for lunch and then we dropped of the nose spray prescription.  One of Jay's former students works at the pharmacy so she took the prescription.  As we were pulling away we had this conversation....

Cade:  She looks familiar
Me:  Yeah, she went to Miller
Jay:  She is a former student.  There are a lot of those around any more.
Me:  Cade your dad is so old he's got a lot of former students around town
Cade:  Yeah, but mom you're older than him

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