Sunday, March 18, 2012

March 15th & 16th

Thursday night I took the kids by myself to Springfield to get some things for Cade’s party.  Actually, we ended up spending more time at the mall.  Cade wanted to wear shorts on Wednesday and we discovered that he only had a couple of pairs that fit.  We were on a mission to find him some that fit.  We found one pair of jeans shorts.  In the entire mall.  Cade also decided to buy a Chiefs jersey with a Christmas gift card.  I was sweating profusely from bending up and down…take Camryn out of the stroller, put Camryn back in the stroller, repeat continuously.  By our last stop I didn’t care any more.  I was so so hot and sweaty.  I was looking for a shirt.  I let Camryn crawl around on the store floor while Cade chased her.  Then she stood herself up on the mirror in the store and started beating it.  I’m sure the store people loved me.  Camryn was dirty, Cade had used his shorts as a napkin when we ate dinner and I was so hot my hair was sticking to my head.  We looked really nice.  We probably drove everyone in that store crazy.

On Friday Cade wanted to wear his new jersey to school.  I told him that was fine.  When they got home from school the first thing Jay said was “they had pictures today”.  Cades said “don’t worry mom, I filled the form out myself”.  Then I realized I don’t think I’d checked his backpack since Christmas break.  I used to think those people who didn’t look at their kids backpacks were terrible.  Five years later I’m worn down by the backpack junk.  There is so much stuff in there!  So we are officially the parents that the other parents will look at the class picture and say “well the Shepherds must have forgotten it was picture day”.  Oh well, A Chiefs jersey will be ok.  Really, how many pictures can we have of Cade wearing a polo shirt?  Jay asked him about filling out the form….Cade said he had to mark what pose he wanted taken and fill out his name and stuff.  Luckily they take these pictures and then you buy the ones you want later….obviously Cade wouldn’t have had a checkbook to pay with.   Jay and I were a little embarrassed about it.  We asked him if other kids had to fill out their own forms.  Cade said he was the only one. 

Oh, and we started out the day by having to call Poison Control before we could even leave for work.  Camryn decided to eat a Peace Lilly leaf.  The girl won't touch food, but give her paper, a toxic plant or a dried up leaf from someone's shoe and she can't stuff it in her mouth fast enough. 

We were supposed to go to Wal Mart before we came home Thursday night.  We didn't make it. 

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