Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1

Today is March 1. It is looking like this month will go about the same as the other March’s since we’ve been married. The month starts out with Jay going to an Ag Mechanics workout and State FFA Officer Interviews in Sheldon tonight and the month will end with District Contests in Springfield. Between those two events will be many other workouts and contests, including a contest in Miller this year. So far there are over 900 kids registered to attend the Miller contest on March 10. Columbia is even sending some kids and so is a school in Arkansas. For those who don’t really understand FFA – this is a huge deal. Jay’s already warned me I’ll be single parenting next week while they get set up. They will be taking over both the elementary and high school, a tire shop, a rodeo arena, and someone’s dairy farm…just to name a few. I’ve been out of the loop so I don’t even know all of the details. I’ve had some people talk to me like I know what’s going on. I just smile and nod.

Between all the FFA stuff we also have to squeeze in two birthdays. Really…it’s more like 1 birthday since mine isn’t a big deal, but I would like to maybe at least go out and eat all together. This year we are all having somewhat monumental days….Jay and I turn 35, Cade turns 10 and Camryn will be 1. So we have to celebrate! I think we already make Cade’s birthday’s pretty special, but I’m going to add a few things this year. Since we will make a big deal out of Camryn’s 1st birthday, I don’t want Cade to feel left out….and he is hitting double digits. Wow!

This year Cade is going with a Lego theme. I already checked with Janella and the cake is in the works. Jay makes fun of me because I always check with Janella way ahead of time. Since Cade’s birthday falls during spring breaks I’m always afraid she will be on a trip. BUT then I chuckle to myself because I know that’s not going to happen. Janella’s husband does the same thing Jay does….there’s not a chance any of us will ever leave town during March. In an Ag Teachers world Spring Break isn’t a time for family vacations….it’s more free time to work on contest stuff. Even when they retire I doubt we will ever take a trip in the spring. They will end up helping with some contest team or judging a contest or something. I doubt too many retired ag teachers give up the March “thrill” cold turkey.

Jay always says there should be some sort of Ag Teacher Wive’s support group. That’s probably true. Only another wife would understand how you can love your husband, but yet not really like to be around them when you have to help judge a district contest. Or how you totally block them out when they say ridiculous things like…We got 3rd place but we were only 50 points out of 1st. That statement makes no sense to anyone who hasn’t been around an Ag Teacher. And I know that at least for Jania and I, we hear it all the time in March. All. The. Time. Or phone calls at work asking if I can pull up Judging Card because he’s can’t get it to pull up on his phone and they are slow about posting the results and so and so said that another team won it, etc.

March also brings sickness to our house. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining because it’s never serious which I’m thankful for, but it is definitely a fact of life for us. You can look at my March timesheets for proof. Poor Cade is always sick around his birthday. One year he ran a high fever for days and I think it shaved a few years off of my life. Jay was saying things like “we almost won, but we got 4th place” and I was a wreck because Cade was so sick(again, why there should be a wives support group). Good times, good times. But this year I am prepared! Cade’s doctor thinks he’s allergic to something that comes out this time of year and then before we know it, it blooms into a nasty bacterial thing. The Singular is out and ready to be taken this evening. WE WILL NOT BE SICK THIS MONTH. I repeat WE WILL NOT BE SICK THIS MONTH.

So I guess I’m ready for March to bring all that it has in store for us. I better be ready, because I really don’t have a choice!

And as a totally random side note because I thought it was funny….Camryn was kind of mean when we picked her up last night. She likes to shove Cade’s face away very roughly and she did it several times then she tried to grab the sitters cat. When I didn’t let her grab it she got mad and kicked at it. When we got home Cade very seriously said to me “Camryn is very snotty tonight”. I don’t know why but it has cracked me up. I didn’t say it, but I was thinking “just wait until she can talk”!


Robyn said...

You've also been sick on your birthday several times. Including times when you were little as well as an adult.

Robyn said...

900 signed up for the contest in Miller!!! That is GREAT!!