Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 17th (Cade's Birthday Party)

I'm having a hard time grasping that Cade is now in the double digits.  The last ten years have flown by.  We had his party Saturday night.

I spent Saturday cleaning and getting ready for the party.  I really don't know what happens to our house.  Wednesday night it was picked up...then we got home late Thursday and it all went to pot  There just aren't enough hours in my days any more.  Cade was a big help all day Saturday.  He entertained Camryn for most of it.  I heard a lot of "No, No, No Camryn" and "Quit touching everything" throughout the day.  Towards the end of the day I asked Cade if he wanted any more brothers or sisters and he said NO.  Good thing he has us as parents and not the Duggars!  I'm pretty sure the having more kids ship has sailed!
Earlier in the day I thought...'Wow, it is almost Cade's party and no one had to go to the doctor prior to the party and since everyone is healthy we shouldn't have to go after the party (one year I developed pneumonia during the party and had to go to the ER after every one left).  Of course I spoke too soon.  I was almost done with everything and Camryn was getting tired.  I thought if Cade would watch her in the tub she would play and be happy and I could put up the last load of laundry.  Everything was going good until I tried to do one last thing. That's when she stood up in the tub and fell.  I don't blame Cade...the other night Camryn did the same thing to me and I was watching her.  I turned my head for a second.  She is fast!  Everything seemed to be ok.  Of course she cried but she got over it quickly.  We got her dressed and she was fine.  A little later Cade noticed some blood in the crease on her eyelid.  I had cut myself on some glass and it keep breaking open so I thought that's what it was.  We wiped it off and then a few mintues later it was back. I got her to sleep and got a better look at it about the time Jay got home from his contest.  She had split the crease in her eye open.  We looked it over and it looked pretty deep.  Jay thought we should take her to see if she needed stitches or have it glued or something.  I felt terrible about it.  But Jay took her and they didn't do anything to it and they still made it back in plenty of time for the party.  I figured her eye would be really bruised the next day but it wasn't.  It's a good thing babies are tougher than they look!

By party time the house was in order and all of us were present.  At 2:00 pm I wasn't sure that was going to be possible....

The theme this year was Legos.  Janella did another wonderful job with the cake.  Cade was very happy when he saw it.  We had to cut the face out for him to eat!  We had Mazzio's pizza for dinner, Cade's request.  After we ate he opened his presents.  Our big gift to him this year was to redo his bedroom.  Actually we wrapped up his bedding...the re-decorating is till to be done.  I'm wondering how long he'll have the tractor border with a Razorback comfortor????  I think he was pretty excited about it.  We've got it on his bed and he's told us thank you for it several times.  I think that means it was a hit! 

As far as theme decorations....I made the Happy Birthday out of left over wood blocks.  I thought they'd be good to set out for birthdays.  The top banner says A Perfect 10.  The bottom banner are 10 pictures of Cade - his hospital picture and then one with each of his other birthday cakes.  I wrapped his presents to look like Lego blocks.

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