Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6th

Today is March 6th so the month is rolling on by. Of course not without a nasty cough from Cade. Last night he told me he felt like he was getting bronchitis. He wasn’t running a fever but he did have that cough. This morning he was even slower than normal (which means he moved slower than a snail’s pace). He didn’t look good, but we sent him on to school. We’ll have to keep our eye on him. At least if he does get it sick it appears to be hitting a week earlier. Hopefully he’ll be over it by next week, or better yet he won’t even get sick at all. Maybe he’s just tired???

He really wants to go on the school’s perfect attendance party to Incredible Pizza. That is a goal he’s set for himself to accomplish sometime before he completes the 6th grade. Luckily it’s only a semester at a time, so he might have a chance. He gets so down every year when some of his friends go on that trip. The first time he got upset about this trip I totally reverted back to my own school days. I remember those kids who had to have perfect attendance. They were so annoying! They also would come to school puking and snotting and laying all over their desks for the day just so they could say they had perfect attendance. They passed their crud on to the rest of us who had parents that kept us at home when we got sick - like parents are supposed to do! (just ignore my previous line of where we sent Cade to school today). Anyway, when Cade was going on about missing the trip apparently I’ve got some unresolved issues with kids who have perfect attendance. Before I could stop myself I blurted out “Cade, only nerds get to go on that trip…do you really want to be a nerd”. You should’ve seen the look of horror that came across Jay’s face. For several months later, completely out of the blue, Cade would ask why I said only nerds went on the trip. Jay would roll his eyes and tell me I should never had said that. Probably not my best mother moment.

I really hope Cade doesn’t get sick because this will be a bad week for it to happen. Kids can be so inconsiderate! Don’t they know they should check your schedule before they decide to start feeling bad? (I’m totally kidding). But this is a crazy week for both Jay and me. The loan officer is on vacation this week so we are short handed covering two offices and hosting our customer appreciation day on Thursday. I really can’t miss work Thursday. Miller now has over 1600 kids coming to their contest on Saturday. Jay really can’t miss work this week. I’ll need to have a talk with Cade and if this is going to blossom into a fever and full fledged bronchitis he will need to do it on Wednesday or wait until Friday. Again, I am kidding….sort of….

In other news this week….Jay is going a little crazy with this contest thing. He talked to a guy a month ago about borrowing his goats and the guy said it was fine. Jay called him this week to confirm and the guy sold his goats. I think that caused a moment of stress….luckily Jay tracked down some more. A cattle person would’ve said upfront, “hey, I’m thinking about selling all my cows”. It’s a decision not taken lightly, there is lots of thought that goes into it. I guess a goat person wakes up one morning and decides to sell out? Between my job and going to college to get my ag degree and being raised on a farm there is one thing I’ve learned. There are different types of farmers and there are different ways of thinking between the different types. A row crop/cattle farmer does not think like a horse person. A horse person does not think like a goat person. A typical beef cattle farmer does not think like a steer jock, etc. Jay has the Ag Teacher/Beef Cattle mentality. He’s trying to talk to all of these different types of livestock personalities and mesh it all together to get the animals where they need to be Saturday morning. Then he got a phone call from the sheep guy who decided to back out because his sheep were “too wooly”. Figure that one out.

I know there are other things going on that I don’t even know about. Actually I don’t know much about what is going on Saturday. Except that Miller’s population will be almost tripled from 7am to 2pm. I may drive around and gawk at it. Of course I don’t want to actually help. Well I should clarify…it’s not that I don’t want to lend a hand…I just don’t want to be around the nervousness. I’m sure Jay and Lyle will be wound tight. I really don’t want to be near that. Too bad I just can’t seem to find a sitter for Saturday….gosh darn…looks like I’ll just have to stay home…

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Megan said...

Thank you so much for you kind words on my blog. I am thankful for people like you who can give encouragement with a reality check on my expectations! :) You children look precious! Thanks again!