Saturday, January 15, 2011

A week in pictures

I know my post from yesterday may not seem like it, but it hasn't been all doom and gloom in our household.  After our first loss last February I felt like I would never smile or laugh again.  It was awful.  Thankfully I didn't feel so much like that this time.  I have smiled and I have laughed.  Even as early as last Saturday I laughed quite hard.  I'll post about that seperately, I may even have to put the video on the blog.  It concerned Cade and basketball and shoe tying.  It was funny and quite embarassing for Jay and I.  Nothing like a whole gym full of parents knowing you have failed in your parental duties. 
I'm not sure why these pictures are so fuzzy.  Normally my iPhone takes better pictures than our crappy camera.  This was Tuesday night, January 4 - the date that we have lived and breathed since the Arkansas/LSU game.  It was the Sugar Bowl!  I came home from work that day to find our living room decorated.  I tried to get a picture of the decorators but remember what I said about Cade and the dorky poses?  He struck again...

So I tried again.  You can't tell it in this fuzzy one, but you can just read it on his face that he is really working hard to control himself and not go into another weird pose.

The seat cushion that Jay is not at all embarassed to tote into the games.  I think seat cusions at ball games are a defining moment in a person's life.  You know you have finally reached a pivotal moment when you are willing to say that the comfort of my butt overrides my need to look young and cool so I'm buying a seat cushion.  So far I've resisted that but after Cade's first basketball game last week I may soon be crossing over to the other side.....  And the Razorback helmet that gets brought from Cade's room into the family room every game.

And a mug and a sign.  Yes, that is making tape holding the sign on my oak endtable.  I'm trying to practice self I didn't say anything about it.  Yes, it was very hard.

Cade's first basketball game was last Saturday.  We had an hour break between the two games.  This is how the boys occupied themselves.  Those are Avon magazines.

Jay and Cade missed three days of school this week because of snow.  So they can forget about their 4 day weekend in February.  You may wonder why we don't have a cover on our grill.  I don't know why myself.  I wonder than on a daily basis but yet never think to buy one. 

Work also kept me quite busy this past week.  We had to get these files...

and these files...

Up these stairs.  I promise that had nothing at all to do with me calling in Thursday. I did move my fair share on Tuesday and Wednesday.   But I wasn't too upset when I got to work Friday and saw that it was all done.

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Shelley said...

I'm surprised you all don't have a permanent Hogs room. ;)

I really liked the picture of Cade forcing himself to behave. Classic. Especially with the two pics right next to each other.

Shall I text Jay and let him know that at the next gift buying time a camera is #1 on the list? Actually, just to get it waiting to get it! If you got a cold call tomorrow saying get up here, it really is the real deal, you will kick yourself for not having a camera that works! :)