Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day!!!

The last two weeks have reminded me if why I had 0 interest in doing a January embryo transfer. Nothing gets me more worked up than knowing I have to travel when there is potential for bad weather. I think that goes back to driving a Mustang in my earlier years. It was not a fan of snow....or anything outside of a normal dry pavement... That old gal and I ended up in many a ditch/median. God took care of me by making sure our transfers happened when the weather was good!!

We haven't had a lot of snow but we've had enough that school was cancelled three days last week and then yesterday. We could get more on Sunday and then at the end of next week. I always think that the people from Minnesota would make fun of us if they were here. Things come to a standstill when we get a few inches and people drive like they don't have a brain!! I'm sure they laugh at the TV every night when they show snow on the national news. But that is ok. At least when our world stops for a few inches that means we aren't used to it. I have no desire to live somehere seeing snow would become the norm :)

I had to work yesterday but Jay and Cade got to take advantage of the snow day....

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