Monday, January 10, 2011

What Happened Wednesday...

Tuesday afternoon we got an e-mail about a cold call situation.  There was a baby boy born on Sunday who's mom wanted to place him for adoption.  He was born early, the hospital was guessing he was at 36 weeks gestation.  He was having a little trouble breathing and with the breathing/sucking/swallowing process.  None of this was overly concerning because he was an early baby.  What did concern me was that the original e-mail gave his weight as 2lbs 9oz.  That bothered me the most out of everything they told us.  For 4 weeks early that was extremely tiny.  If drugs had been involved that could've explained the weight, but the mom said she did not use and the baby tested negative.  I felt confident that drugs were not the cause of the low birthweight.  Tuesday evening Jay and I discussed it a lot.  I'm not sure why we talked about it as much as we did.  For the most part we have not said no to many situations.  There have only been a handful of times in the last 39 months where we were too concerned about something that made us say no.  We usually operate on the faith that God will provide us with what we need to raise the baby He knows should be placed with our family.  But still we talked and we prayed.  A lot.  Wednesday morning about 6:30 am Jay sent the e-mail to Aimee to show our profile.

When I got to work Wednesday morning there was an e-mail waiting for me.  It was an update on Baby C.  Aimee told the families that there was a mistake on his birthweight.  He did not weigh 2lbs 9oz - he weighed 6lbs 9 oz.  The hospital gave our agency the first weight in kilos.  I felt so much better when I read that e-mail.  That was a much healthier weight for that gestation.  That made me feel much more peace about the fact we were being shown.  I went along with my work and tried not to think about the situation very much.  At 9:30 that morning I got a phone call.  I looked at my cell phone and saw the area code -I knew that we had been picked.

I was so nervous answering the phone.  Aimee told me that Baby C's mom felt very strongly about blessing the family that had waited the longest.  They knew if we said yes to being shown he would be our baby.  It was an unreal feeling.  She told me to talk everything over with Jay and let her know what our plans were.  They wanted to introduce us as soon as we could get there.  I hung up and told them at work I had to leave for awhile.  I drove the 10 minutes to Miller, which was the longest drive of my life, just to talk to Jay.  I could've kicked myself when I got there and his sub reminded me he and Lyle had taken 30 Freshmen to Springfield.  The last time we were chosen I also had to tell him over the phone.  I really wanted to tell him in person this time, but I knew I had to call.  So while Jay was trying to keep an eye on 30 kids we discussed our plans to meet our future son. 

For whatever reason we knew that we wouldn't be able to go until Friday.  As much as we wanted to pick up and leave that minute something kept us from doing that.  It is something I can't explain.  We just knew that not rushing up there would be best.  We had to make plans for Cade and work and the cattle, etc.  Work for me was a pretty big deal.  Since Baby C was in the NICU and it looked like he would be there for awhile I had to get things lined out at work.  If I was going to be 4 hours away for an undetermined abount of time I couldn't just leave them high and dry with the mess of papers on my desk.  That day and a half until we left to meet Baby C seemed like a lifetime, even though it was less than 48 hours. 

That night we drove to Jay's parents to tell them in person and make plans for Cade for the weekend.  When we got home that night we didn't do anything - which is probably weird for people in our situation.  Jay read the book he's been working on - George W Bush's and Cade and I bowled and boxed on the Wii.  I think everything was still unreal for as at that point....and we also had been in this place before so we were trying to keep everything low key.  I don't think I slept more than a couple of hours that night.

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