Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yesterday's Debacle

Yesterday Cade had a dentist appointment.  It had been on my mind ever since Jay scheduled it over Christmas break.  As the day got closer it looked like I would be the one to take him.  It was stressing me a little because this week is horrible at work.  And I've known it was going to be really bad for quite awhile....The loan officer is going on vacation next week, we have 5 loans that need to close this week, 3 of them have FSA Gurantees, one is a poultry loan with 3 different loans for one person...I know that means nothing to most of you, but to me it means a long, hard, very bad time to leave work early kind of week.  But yet I didn't want to cancel the appointment.  We actually got one of coveted after school slots so I hated to give that up.  I was just going to take him and hope for the best.  I was so glad when Jay's thing got rescheduled to another evening.  That meant he could take Cade to the dentist and I could stay at work.  No one had to miss any work for this appointment.  I was so relieved that I completely forgot about the appointment.  So did Jay.  Yesterday at 3:40 it hit me for some reason.  Luckily Jay answered right away.  I quickly blurted out "Cade has a dentist appointment".  Jay had to grab Cade from the computer lab and head out the door.  It was 3:45 by the time they got on the road.  The appointment was at 4:00.  They were at least 30 minutes away from the dentist office.  I called the dentist office and said they'd be about 10 minutes late.  I knew that I was lying because I thought it would be 4:15 before they got there but I didn't want to say it.  I was afraid they would make us cancel the appointment.    I got a text from Jay at 4:06 saying they had made it.  Since they made it there before 4:10 I didn't feel like I had lied anymore.  I just breathed a huge sigh of relief that they made it and the appointment would take place.  I also told Jay he needed to drive extra slow on the way home to make up for it!

A few minutes later I got a text from Jay saying I owed him big for this trip...Cade got ticked when he got ripped from the computer lab and then he got even more ticked when he fell asleep on the way and Jay woke him up once they got there.  I reminded Jay that Cade would be even worse once he got done.  He had to have some fillings so his mouth would be numb.  Two things really aggravate Cade - when he gets his eyes dilated and when he has his mouth numbed.  Neither are good experiences for Jay or me.        

And yes, Cade has had teeth filled before.  Thankfully they have been baby teeth, but I find it to be disturbing.  I'm sure a dentist would argue with me, but I'm convinced the health of your teeth has a lot to do with genetics.  I know people who brush and floss all the time and still have issues, while others only brush once a day and never have problems.  I never had cavities until after I had Cade, (since he sucked every nutrient out of my body and left me with only an additional 50lbs) - then I had a billion of them that we watched for a couple of years.  Once we decided to fill them it took several trips to the dentist.  Fun times, fun times.  With Cade I think part could be genetic and part is also the fact that it takes him all of 14 seconds to brush his teeth.  And then a friend of ours pointed out that we are on well water so Cade hasn't ever had any fluoride.  That was a good point...I'm going to blame it on that and believe it's not from  lack of parental involvement of standing over him twice a day making sure he actually moves the toothbrush around and doesn't just spit out unfoamed toothpaste.  I sure clean a lot of hunks of blue toothpast out of the sink... 

I tell you - being a parent is so totally exhausting.  Before having a child I knew it would be hard. I understood all of the big things like discipline and the fact that you worry about their safety constantly.  It's the little things I was unaware teeth brushing and multiplication tables and homework and monitoring how much TV they watch and what kinds of things they are watching/listening/reading and do they exercise enough and do they eat right and is him talking about the NFL constantly something the other kids make fun of....

There is so much to do and not enough hours in the day!!!  Sometimes I think God must know that one at a time is all I can handle.  At least when we have a 2nd child Cade will be old enough to monitor some of this stuff.  Jay and I will be too old and tired by that point.     

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