Friday, February 18, 2011

Riding in a car with a boy...

***I thought of another one this afternoon.  Added it to the bottom.

Right now we are starting one of Jay’s busiest times of the school year – FFA contest season. He is gone several nights a week from now until the end of April…meetings, contests, practices, etc. It can be hectic for all of us. But one benefit is that Cade and I spend a lot of time together in the car. Being in the car  is the best place to have a conversation with him. There isn’t anything else for him to do or focus his attention on. It gives me a little more look to the inside workings of his brain, especially when I pick him up from school. That is Cade’s best conversation time. The only problem is that he says so much stuff it is hard for me to remember everything, but I wish I could. Most of it is so funny.

Here are some highlights from yesterday. He actually said several more really funny things but I can’t remember them, which really irritates me! We spent even more time together yesterday because I picked him up from school, came back to work, drove home and then went back to basketball practice. Lots of talking time. Most of it is him talking with a few questions thrown in that he doesn’t give you time to answer…

So why is the Super Bowl MVP always the Quarterback? Don’t you think they should line them up and give it out to some other players. There are other good players on the team. I guess that’s not how they roll in the NFL.

When I took him to practice I planned on parking and walking him into the gym. Then I was going to go across the street and check on something at our church. As we pulled into town my gas light started dinging. I decided to just drop him off, go get gas and then go check on the church stuff. I told him to look inside and make sure Jeff and/or Christina (coach and his wife) were in the gym or at the very least some of his team. Which I realize I complicated it when I added in the last line about the team. Then Cade started asking me well what if so and so is there or what if the team that practices on the other side of the gym is there or what if only one or two of my teammates are there. I finally had to break in and say just Jeff or Christina. If you don’t see them let me know. I dropped him off and he gave me the thumbs up. I had no idea what I was going to find when I got to the gym 10 minutes later. It was anybody’s guess. When I told Jay this story he asked if I told Cade “nice job on the questions, those are exactly the same things I would ask”. Then he proceeded to tell me that Cade and I are two peas in a pod. Not sure he is exactly thrilled about that…

But then that leads into the next story….when we got home Cade asked me something about Nana’s family. I didn’t know the answer but I said we could look it up in the books she made us for Christmas. I handed him the book and he looked at it a minute then says “It’s times like this I wish I was a little autistic”. Of course I said WHAT??? He said that autistic people can scan a page and have it all memorized. I asked him where he heard that. He said Temple Grandin. Jay rented that movie over Christmas, which was really good by the way. You can click on her name to learn more about her, very interesting woman. I told Jay that story last night and when I got to the part about asking Cade how he knew about someone with autism Jay said - Temple Grandin. So who is the one who thinks like Cade???

And as a side note – their relationship seems to be back to a normal dad/son thing and not two siblings at each others throats. Since Jay got home late Cade seemed  glad to see him. He sat on the couch for a minute and gave Jay a big hug. Not only is the temp outside way up from last week so are the moods in our house!

**Dad is a State Farm Driver, are you a State Farm Driver?  Yes, all of our insurance is with State Farm.  You are one of their 4 million customers. How much money has it saved?  (Trying very hard not to laugh) Cade, I have no idea. 

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