Friday, February 11, 2011

I don’t even know the man that I’m living with anymore….

he's growing a beard, taking up coffee drinking and has a crazed look in his eve. This has all started in the last 9 days that he's been out of school. Today was probably the craziest I've seen him…and I got caught up in it also….

 They picked me up for lunch. I needed to get back by noon for a phone call so we ran to McDonalds. As we pulled in we had to stop because there was a bus in the way. I still remember what it was like when a bus load of kids unloaded at McDonald's, but since I graduated almost 16 years ago, it doesn't sink in as quickly as it used to. Since Jay spends a lot of time on a bus with 30+ High School kids he is well aware of the chaos that ensues when they unload at McDonalds. He reacted much quicker than I did. Instead of waiting on the bus to move he whipped the truck over into the drive-thru lane and started yelling at us to GET OUT, HURRY THEY ARE GETTING OFF THE BUS, GET ME A QUARTER POUNDER, GO GO GO. It startled me and then I looked over and saw this stubble faced guy looking quite crazed in the eyes. Obviously he was hyped up from the coffee he drank that morning. I had no choice but to hurry. I flung open my door, which got stuck in a pile of snow and I had to squeeze through it, without slipping on the slush on the running board and then step into a hard packed pile of snow and maneuver over it without slipping and falling into the drive thru lane all while trying to beat a bus load of kids who are 16-20 years younger than me to the McDonald's counter. I was using my fastest walking without running speed that I've got. I made it to the door and turned around for Cade. He wasn't behind me. He got himself caught up on the seat belt. He was still struggling with the truck door. I had to make a split second decision. Did I go back for Cade and help him across the drive thru or did I leave him to fend for himself. I made a decision that I'm not proud of – I left my child behind. Even then the first thought I had was "dang, I don't know what he wants…" But I justified leaving him with the fact that Jay was blocking the drive thru so no one could hit him. I'm usually very protective when we go in and out of our McDonald's. I will hold something of Cade…arm, hood, belt…anything I can grab because he doesn't realize how dangerous the drive thru is. And today I went off and left him standing in a place I'm terrified of and have lectured and lectured him about. Yes, I am up for Mother of the Year.

When Jay made it in to the building after parking I told him thanks for making me almost break my ankle on the snow pile. Again with the crazed look, he told me I obviously did not know what it was like when a bus load of kids unloaded at McDonald's. What is even funnier is that the kids never did fully unload. Just a handful came in to use the bathrooms. I can only imagine how ridiculous I looked flying out of the truck. Thank goodness I had on my snow boots today. They'd better be back in school on Monday. I don't think any of us can handle another day like the past 9….


Charity said...

So, what are you plans for the weekend? I'm guessing staying around is not an option for any of you...hahah!

Charity said...

I meant around the house.

Amy said...

I seriously laughed out loud!! I hope for your sake that they have school on Monday.