Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life does go on…

Yesterday I took a couple of hours of mental health time from work. I had already scheduled to be gone in the afternoon because of my appointment with the dentist so I just moved my flight time up by a little. There is nothing like a little retail therapy and lunch at Chick-Fil-A to chase away the winter/adoption blahs. I had a couple of funny things happen to me yesterday. I got my food and sat down in a booth where I could people watch. I looked over and saw my mother-in-law. She hadn't seen me. If I had sat in another spot we would have totally missed each other. I think I surprised her when I walked over and asked if she wanted someone to sit with. After we ate we walked around Penney's for awhile and picked out some birthday presents for Cade, since that is coming right up. After that I had to leave the mall for my dentist appointment. After I was done there I went back to the mall because I was on the hunt for some new tennis shoes. I had just a little bit of time between the dentist appointment and another appointment. I found some shoes and looked around several stores and then headed to B&BW. You'll never guess who was in there. Yup, ran into to Sharon again. What are the chances? She had a coupon that she gave me so I got a free bottle of body spray. So yesterday was a good day…new Puma's (which I have never owned a pair of) and the newest scent from B&BW – Carried Away.

The dentist appointment though was so-so. I need a gum graft, which I figured would be the case. It's not necessarily an emergency, but since it's not bad it will be easier to correct it now. I.Do.Not.Want.To.Loose.My.Tooth! So I'm scheduled for the procedure March 30. They will scrape the roof of my mouth and use that skin to fix the gum. So far it's not really bothering me, but he scraped it yesterday and I could tell the root was exposed. Probably best to fix it before it causes me a lot of problems.

My 2nd appointment of the day was the natural doctor I started seeing before our transfer. I'm not sure why I'm still going – except that I like her. A lot. I think I like just talking to her as much as anything else that she does for me. She just has a calming spirit, which I can always use that in my life. So I go about every 6 weeks to get my dose of calm and put things in perspective. And getting my back put back into place isn't bad either.

After my 2nd appointment of the day I headed to the grocery store. Our pantry was pretty pitiful so it was time. I've started going to 4 different places to get food. It takes a little more time, but it has saved us quite a bit of money. I've been doing that since the first of the year. I didn't get home until 8 last night. Then we had to unload the car and put it all away. Needless to say I was ready to finally sit down last night.

I guess this boring post is just to say that life still continues to go on. I get sad or mad, and then I have to recover and move on…But there is nothing like a new pair of shoes to help speed the healing process along J

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