Monday, February 7, 2011

Going on Day 6...

Of no school. It is time for things to get back to normal.
Jay is getting frustrated and Cade is starting get a glazed over look in his eyes. How many days can a boy be cooped up without going crazy? Jay has been going to school every day which has created a lot of one on one time together. I think it is safe to say that Jay is not going to be a stay at home dad any time soon.

Cade has even started Picking out his own clothes. Since he really isn't going anywhere (except to school and out for lunch everyday) we aren't saying anything. We are picking our battles...

I've got to quit being so efficient on getting the laundry done. Friday he layered this green John Deere shirt under an Arkansas football jersey that is getting too small. He then put a burgandy hoodie on over the whole thing. Today it was the same green shirt under a navy and orange
shirt. I may not do a load with that shirt in it for awhile...or whoops it may fall behind the basket and I won't see I for a
couple of weeks.

Jay has decided to not
shave until he goes back to school. But he doesn't look like you'd expect. For some reason he can't grow facial hair very well. It is a weird thing. So I'm looking at Cade in unmatched clothes and Jay with scraggly patches on his face. Yes, it is time to get back to normal!!!

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Shelley said...

Day 6? Wow! We were finally back today.