Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Cell Phone Incident

I was off yesterday because of Presidents Day and it was wonderful!! Presidents Day is
the only holiday outside of the normal ones that we get so it's always a nice little bonus. Jay and Cade had school so I had some alone time at home in the morning. Very nice!

That afternoon Jay needed to go to Fayetteville for a school thing so Cade and I rode along. Cade and I got to spend a few hours with Nana and Granddad and I also did a little shopping. There is a great kids store there I like to check out when I'm in town.

We didn't get back to Miller until close to 10pm. We cleaned out the school van and then got in our vehicles to head home. I was in Jay's way so I pulled out first. When I got a little ways down the driveway I noticed he wasn't following me. I looked back and saw he had stopped and it looked like he was looking for something. I decided to go on because if he needed something he would call.

The whole way home I kept looking for his lights behind me and never saw them. Again I knew he call if he had a problem. We got home and Cade got into bed. I put up our coats and shoes and put away the things I had bought. Got all that done and Jay still wasn't home. I decided to call him. My phone was plugged in so I leaned against our kitchen counter to reach it. As I dialed his number I felt something vibrate on my stomach and heard it hit against the counter. All of a sudden I flashed back to the view in my rear view mirror - Jay outside the truck looking for something. Instantly I knew what he was searching for. His phone was in my hoodie pocket.

I didn't know what to do. Cade was in bed and it was after 10. I was afraid if I went back I'd miss him on the highway but I was also afraid he'd look for it all night if I didn't do something. Finally i decided I needed to find him I told Cade to hop in the car and not to worry about shoes because there was no time. I slipped on a pair of Jays shoes and off we went. Thankfully I met Jay just a little bit away from the house. I stopped and asked if he was looking for his phone. The look he gave me was not the overjoyed one I expected when I told him I had it. We got back to the house and he asked when I picked it up. I don't have a clue when I did or when I put it in my pocket. Poor Jay had been digging in the school dumpster afraid he had tossed it with the van trash while I was at home thinking he'd call if he had a problem...

Pretty sure I got myself banned from ever touching his Blackberry again...

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