Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Update #2 Cade did not care for the Black Eyed Peas. Actually I didn't either. It felt like it was all over the place...Slash...Usher...but it did provide the quote of the night. Said by Cade in reference to Fergie-That girl looks really pretty but her costume is so last year.

Update #1 Jay won our bet on how long he'd actually sit still and watch the game. Didn't last
through the 2nd quarter.

This fall Cade has really got into football. It has been quite humorous, especially during Razorback games. It was definitely monkey see monkey do. If Jay yelled, Cade yelled. Then Cade discovered the NFL. He has wore us out with different football trivia over the last few months. One of our newest games we play while driving is "Guess the NFL Team". One of us has to describe a helmet and the other two have to guess the team. I'm usually at a serious disadvantage.

It amuses me because I've never thought Jay was that into pro football. He likes the Chiefs, but our lives don't come to a screeching halt on Sundays during the fall like they do on Saturdays. Cade talks alot about the Chiefs and his 2nd favorite team, the Patriots. And any other football things he can think of. I'm learning more about football than I ever cared to. Sometime I don't have a choice but to listen - like when we are in the car. I even think Cade is wearing Jay down with the football talk. I guess we did well when we named Cade after my grandpa. He would be proud of Cade's obsession.

So even though our household is not Steelers or Packers fans Cade was super excited for today. Since Miller was still snowed in we did not have church. It was a long day with him asking every so often how much longer. We did venture out to buy him some snacks for the game. You can't watch the
Biggest game of the year without food! I thought I'd surprise him and set it out like I do when we have people over. Apparantly he expected it because he yelled into the kitchen to see if I had the food set up yet. Such a man in training!

Jay grilled the burgers. He was about a foot taller due to the snow.

Here he is in front of his food layout. And what is a picture of Cade anymore without him being in a dorky pose?

Jay and Cade have a bet going on. Cade is for the Packers and Jay is for the Steelers. The looser has to make the others bed for a week. Uhm....if Cade wins he is not going to see much of a difference in his life. We already make his bed...

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