Friday, July 6, 2007

Answered Prayer

A few posts back I talked about how trying to schedule these doctors appointments was giving me a headache. Our doctors office was trying to tell us the insurance wouldn't pay, they weren't being very helpful etc. Well today we went in for mine and C's appointments. We didn't schedule J appointment for today because we didn't think we'd have his blood test results from renewing his life insurance yet so we'd scheduled it for next week. Surprisingly we had gotten his test results last weekend so we took those in with us. Our doctor and his nurse were great. They ended up taking care of J's paperwork also, so we can cancel his appointment for next week. They were very nice and helpful with all of the requirements that we had to have. C also got his 5 year old shots today, and it went really good. I was so proud of him. He didn't scream or move around at all. He got 4 of them so by the last one he was starting to sniffle just a little bit, but afterwards he was just fine. I've heard horror stories of 5 year olds having to be restrained so I was a little concerned about what would happen. As typical C came through it just fine. I guess maybe to him the shots weren't as bad as a doctor trying to push his hernia back in. Here's where the answered prayer part comes in - when we went to check out the only person the doctor charged was C, he did everything for J and I for free. We don't even have to mess with the insurance on this doctors trip. Thank you Dr S! and thank you God! After our doctors appointments I went to the hospital to get my lab work done. We have to have a full blood work up including HIV testing and a urine drug test. The results from those tests should be back at Dr S by Tuesday so the last thing we need medically will be a TB test. We are planning on having those done at the health department because they will be cheaper. I have to contact our agency because one form says C will need a TB test, but another form makes us think he doesn't need it. I don't want to make him get one if he doesn't need it.

We are staying at a B&B this weekend. Mom gave us a gift certificate for Christmas so we are finally using it this weekend. Justin and Charity didn't think they'd use theirs so they gave it to us, so we get to stay 2 nights. C is going to stay with mom this weekend and then we are all going to Avery's first birthday on Saturday. Have a good weekend!

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