Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our Vacation Schedule

As you all know we are leaving for vacation on Saturday. Here is our tentative schedule so that you'll have an idea of where we are at. Remember to keep us in your prayers this next week. We will be driving for several hours over the next few days.
Leaving Saturday at 5:30 a.m. We will drive as far as possible on Saturday then stop for the night
Sunday morning we will head to Seaside Heights NJ where we will meet up with Austin's family
Sunday evening we'll stay with Austin's Aunt and Uncle
Monday morning we'll travel to New York City and tour all day
Tuesday morning we head into DC
Wednesday should be the day that C has waited on for months - the day he sees the dinosaurs
Thursday we meet with our state representative (the same one that came to the school last fall)
Friday we go to Arlington and Mount Vernon
Saturday we get to tour with the kids
Sunday we will head for home. We aren't sure if we'll stop somewhere on Sunday or just try to drive all day and make it home sometime early Monday morning. It will depend on C's mood

I'm hoping that I'll have internet access while we're gone so I can give you updates, so check back in next week!

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