Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gettysburg and DC

Last Tuesday morning we took a detour through Gettysburg on our way into DC. We didn't have much time there, only about 30 minutes, but at least we can say we've been there. Gettysburg looks like a neat town. You could tell that most of the homes were there during the war. It would be neat to spend sometime in their downtown area going through some of the shops that they had. I was able to avoid riding in the van on the 2 1/2 hour trip to Gettysburg by riding with Austin's parents in their car. Austin didn't ride out to NJ with us, but we had to take him on into DC. The van was packed with 8 kids and their luggage plus the three of us and our luggage. I enjoyed getting a short break from the van. Once we got to Gettysburg we weren't sure how to get to their visitors center so we eneded up driving around a lot of the battlefield. It was a huge area, larger than what I had thought it would be. After seeing all the hills we drove through on Sunday we had talked about what it would've been like to haul cannons up and down those hills. I can't even imagine. After Gettysburg we loaded up again and headed to DC. We made it to our hotel by about 2:00 that afternoon. That evening the advisors walked to the Iwo Jima memorial for a sunset parade. The Marines do this every Tuesday night during the summer. After the parade we ate at The Orleans house. All three of us had Prime Rib. The advisors are fed very well at WLC.


Sunset Parade

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