Thursday, December 13, 2012

The future of our country....

It has been awhile since I’ve encountered a story or experience funny enough to put on the blog. This one is a winner!

Jay took some kids to the area barnwarming last Friday night. On the way home they stopped at a gas station to get snacks for the ride. One of the boys on the school trip was ahead of Jay in line to pay. Jay heard the boy ask the store clerk for a can of Skoal. Jay looks at the boy and says “you can’t buy that on a school trip”. The kid looks at the clerk and says “long, wintergreen”. Again, Jay tells the kid “you can’t buy that on a school trip”. Getting nowhere with the kid he looks at the clerk and says “do not sell that to him, he is on a school trip”. The clerk then asks the boy to see his ID. Once she sees he is 18 she completes the sale. Jay looks at her and says “did you not hear me, I said not to sell that to him because he is on a school trip.” The clerk just shrugged her shoulders and said “well he is 18.” Jay said he gave her a dirty look then told the kid to give him the chew. The kid picked the chew up from the counter and handed it to Jay. Jay said “I hope you enjoyed touching your purchase for ½ a second”. They boy just said “well I wasn’t going to chew it on the bus.” I think there may still be a can of Skoal riding around Jay’s truck. He might want to keep it as a memory!

This is probably one of the funniest, but dumbest stories Jay has ever told me concerning his teaching experiences. I really think teachers could pad their retirements if they would just write a book about what they’ve heard and seen over the years. Thirty years of teaching means you’ve seen a lot. Of course though if it was an elementary teacher writing the book they’d need to change names…..I wouldn’t want my name (as a parent) in the book! I’m sure we would all faint if we knew what children’s Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers knew about us!

Of course if you see Jay you should ask him about it.  Him telling it is funnier than me typing it. 

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