Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Blog Catch Up- Black Friday

I've had a lot of trouble posting pictures to the blog lately.  I think I've started this Black Friday post 3 times and each time it has disappeared when trying to post it.  Hopefully it will work tonight and I can get caught up on some picture posts I've wanted to do for awhile.
This year I didn’t do the early morning Black Friday shopping.  I know – it was shocking.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about that…..In the days leading up to Thanksgiving I was a little disappointed.  It is one of those things I really enjoy.  That is also always the day the Hogs play LSU.  This year, instead of the game being in Little Rock it was in Fayetteville which meant Jay and Terry’s season tickets included that game.  After the way the season turned out it wasn’t quite as exciting as it was when they announced this game way back when, but that is a whole other story….  Due to the timing of everything it just wasn’t going to work out for me to go. 

Due to some scheduling conflicts Jay and Cade ended up going to Fayetteville early that morning and I rode down later with Sharon.  It actually worked out ok for me not to shop early that day.  I was really tired for some reason so I didn’t mind it as much as I thought I might.  Because of the above mentioned bad season Jay was able to buy Cade a ticket at the game so he got to tailgate and see the game.  He was truly in “Hog Heaven” that day. 

Sharon and I did a little shopping at a couple of more gift stores, which was fine with me.  I was more interested in getting a few new Christmas decorations that day rather than hard core Christmas shopping.  I did end up at the mall a little later that afternoon with Megan so I was able to still get a few good deals that day.

Of course Camryn had to wear her new hog dress for the big game day.  She was not interested in letting me take a picture of her in it though. 
I am in no mood for pictures right now

 Seriously...you are going to try another picture?  I thought I told you no pictures
I'm out of here

 After the boys got back to Nana’s after the game Cade and Camryn opened up their presents from Jay’s Aunt LeeAnn and family.  Cade loved his new hog hat!
Before we left that night we all went to the Fayetteville Square to look at their lights.  I’ve seen them before but I’ve never walked around the square.  It was a lot of fun.  The lights were beautiful.  We also saw a live camel.  It’s not every day you see that! 

Even without Black Friday shopping it was still a great day!!

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