Wednesday, December 5, 2012

18 Months

I've not been very good about documenting Camryn's growth chart on the blog. Things just got to busy to do it monthly. But Monday she turned 18 months. It is so hard to believe she is that old. It is also equally as hard to believe that she has only been in our lives for 18 months. What did we do without her??? I know Cade would say "ate a meal in peace". Cade loves his sister but looses patience with her behavior in a restaurant!!

I took her for her 18 month checkup Monday. After the two issues we had with her original doctor I decided to try a different one. Each doctor has their own good/bad points which is why I had a hard time deciding which one to use to begin with. But after yesterday's appt I'm happy we made the change. The only thing about yesterday was that they did a lead test on her. Camryn would not leave the band-aid on her finger so she ended up getting blood all over the front of my dress. Before I could go back to work I had to change clothes. Well check ups exhaust me 1000 x more than sick appts for some reason. She is doing good though. 33 inches long and about 25.5 pounds. She wears a size 5 diaper, 18-24 month clothes and her shoes are a whopping 6.5 wide. If she is like a puppy and grows into her "paws" she may be a tall girl! I will admit I'm pretty curious about how tall she will end up being. Her birth parents were both shorter than me but her birth grandpa was 6 ft tall. I'm hoping she does end up with a some of his height. I've just learned over the years that height helps you carry your weight a little better :) I shudder to think what it would be like if I were shorter....

I think her vocabulary seems to be pretty advanced. She can string several words together and I can usally understand what she means. I know she talks a lot more than Cade did at this age. I'm sure the fact she is female has nothing to do with that....

The week of Thanksgiving we went to Springfield to get a few last minute supplies. Camryn was chattering like she always does and I wasn't fully listening to her. Finally Jay figured out what she was doing...singing Jesus Loves Me. I was very impressed, but I can't take a bit of the credit for that. I'm sure that is 100% Stacy and her kids. It is pretty sweet to hear her say Bible.

She had been using the word No all the time for the last couple of months. Last week she finally started saying Yeah. I still don't know if she totally knows the difference, but hearing her say Yeah when I ask a questions makes her sound sweeter and more agreeable.

She is big into animal sounds and has been for quite some time. This week I added a twist to it - What does Santa say? Ho Ho Ho. She picked that right up and will do it on command (most of the time).

Her physical development is also great. As slow as she was at crawling I figured she'd be slower in that department. Not the case, which is good and bad. She is climbing everything which is scary. Especailly when I've caught her on the kitchen table. When I was decorating for Christmas I finally had to stop for awhile because she kept trying to stand in the kitchen chair with me.

This week she is going to be an angel in our Christmas play at church. We will see how that goes...

Here are a few pictures of her while we were waiting at the doctors office. Did I mention that we were there 2 hours??? And they gave her a shot, which I was not expecting. Instead of crying she said Owie over and over.

And here is the 1st time she undecorated our tree.  She's managed to do it 2 other times.  Glad we didn't do ornaments this year!!!

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