Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Christmas Pants

Loyal blog readers will remember the time Jay got caught by our neighbors in his snowman pajama pants while looking for Charlie. Four or so years later we have another installment in that saga. Only this time it was Christmas Tree pants...and Charlie wasn't involved.

Sunday morning Jay took Camryn to check the cows at the place down the road Jim is renting. Any farm girl (or guy) knows what happens when you check cows in the pasture...there are no car seats.

Camryn is quite the button pusher. If there is a button, she has to touch it. For some reason Jay had to get out of the truck and he didn't take the keys. Yup, Camryn locked him out...and he didn't have his phone...and he still had on his pajama pants...and white t-shirt....that was probably more than likely shrunk up and stained.

He tried talking to her through the window and showing her how to push the lock. She kept tapping on the window while laughing at him. Finally Jay had to break down and go to the neighbors house and use their phone to call me. I jumped in the car and by the time I got there I could see the truck was moving. Jay pulled up along the fence and said she finally decided to unlock the door. I wish I had my phone because she had the biggest grin on her face. She knew what she did. I'm just not sure if she was smiling about locking the truck or waiting to unlock it after Jay had to talk to the his pajamas.

They made one more stop before they came back to the house. This time Jay took the keys AND left the window cracked enough that he could get his arm in but she wouldn't fall out. He turned around in time to see her chucking the contents of his truck interior out the window.

Cow checking may now include car seats.

Here is a link to the original Charile/Snowman Pants story

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