Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Weekend and Week So Far...

This past weekend was a whirlwind of different things and events in our house.

Friday Camryn had her 6 month check-up then we went Christmas shopping. It was pretty uneventful.

Saturday morning I wrapped Christmas presents and then tried to bake cookies. The cookies were for church Sunday night. They were a disaster. Absolute mess. Finally I figured out I only put in 1 cup of flour and I needed 3. I really don’t care for baking.

Saturday afternoon we went to church to get everyone dressed to walk in the Miller Christmas parade. It was several wild minutes of fitting angel wings and shepherd head dress things over winter coats. Then we watched the parade. After the parade we went back to the church to run through our live Nativity which was going to be held Sunday night. I’m sure our new preacher thinks I’m bossy because I spent a lot of time yelling (only because Jay was far away and has an ear infection and couldn’t hear very well) where the kids needed to be. I assume everyone else already knew I was bossy.

Cade rode home from the parade with me. When we pulled up to the house Cade said “Dad did a really good job with the lights”. I agreed with him. Then Cade said “I believe I need to compliment him”. Cade pronounced every syllable distinctly. He sounded like Rob Lowe’s character on Parks & Rec. I had to try very hard to keep from laughing.

That evening I finally got Camryn’s stocking cut out. I got out my sewing machine to stitch it together and the regular foot was gone. Sometimes I think I need a new hobby. Every time I try to sew,  something goes wrong. I looked everywhere for the foot and couldn’t find it. I had taken my machine to dad’s last weekend so I figured the foot was gone.

I woke up at 5 am Sunday morning to try making yet another batch of cookies for Sunday night. They were another flop. In the less than 24 hours I had wasted 4 sticks of butter and countless cups of sugar and flour. Did I mention I don’t care to bake?

Sunday after church Camryn and I went to Springfield to the store where I bought my machine so I could get a new foot. I think I had tears in my eyes when the lady seemed very surprised I was missing the foot and then told me it would have to be ordered. Great. I left the store and went back out to the car and did another check to make sure it wasn’t there. Right on the passenger floor board was the foot. I think I was as excited as I’d ever been. I went back into the store to tell the lady never mind, I found it. Jay asked if I started the conversation by saying “yes, I am a little crazy right now…” At least I did get Jay’s Christmas taken care of while we were in Springfield.

When I got home that afternoon I decided to try baking one more time. I decided if this one didn’t work the good citizens of Miller would have to do without cookies from me. I had a Brownie mix in the pantry. Unbelievable….a brownie mix from Aldi’s turned out when all of my cookies didn’t.

The live Nativity went very well. I didn’t take any pictures because quite frankly my hands were too cold. Getting my phone out seemed like too much effort.

Cade started getting sick Sunday afternoon. Like any good parents we medicated him and told him not to tell anyone at church he didn’t feel good. Don’t you hate parents that do that? Usually I do to, but there were not other options Sunday. That provided me with a day off on Monday. You never want your kids to be sick but the timing of this was pretty good….

I spent Monday cleaning the house because our LAST home visit was Monday night. If Cade hadn’t been sick I’m not sure when the house would’ve been cleaned.

Over the weekend Jay and I discovered that one of the pillows on our bed with the sham that matches our quilt is missing. We noticed it last week and at first we thought it was misplaced. We’ve finally came to the conclusion it was accidently put in one of our give away sacks last week. Our bed is now lopsided. Jay went to the Service Center yesterday to see if he could possibly buy back our pillow and sham. He didn’t see it. We aren’t sure if someone bought it already or if the people at the Service Center thought why in the world would someone think someone else would want this nasty pillow and threw it away. If anyone happens/happened to see or buy a red sham with blue ruffle at the service center recently, please let me know. Our other sham is lonely.

Tuesday night I remembered I had signed up to make more cookies for our church fruit baskets. I must’ve been temporarily insane that Sunday. Why in the world would I ever sign up to bake something. Camryn didn’t seem to care last night that I had things to do. She was not interested in letting me bake.

Today I woke up at 5am again to bake more cookies. The getting up at 5 doesn’t bother me, that’s my normal time….but getting up that early to do something I strongly dislike (bake) irritated me. They also flopped. I do not like baking!! But I do not understand what is wrong. I’ve made cookies before, I am not incompetent at baking. I’m beginning to wonder if something is wrong with my oven??? But since the brownies turned out I’m not sure that is the case.

Now I'm stuck with a dilemma. I have to have cookies at the church by 7 pm. Do I go to Summer Fresh and buy some from the bakery or buy the Nestle already made ones you only have to bake. What to do…what to do….

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