Thursday, December 8, 2011

Finalization Funny

I guess we are all a little worked up about finalization….or at least Cade and I are. I knew I was. Jay doesn't say much about it so I'm not sure his thoughts. After last night we now know Cade is worked up. Why oh why was this one of the gene's I managed to pass on to him.

Scene: Dinner table last night

Cade: I have homework but I don't have to do it tonight.

Me: (confused) Why don't you have to do it?

Jay: Apparently he told his teacher he wouldn't be at school on Friday

Me: Why did you think you weren't going to be at school Friday?

(Jay was giving me the look that he does whenever he already knows how the story is going to end)

Cade: It felt like Friday was the 21st so I told my teacher I wouldn't be at school


Time to start working on how to read a calendar….

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