Monday, December 19, 2011

12 Years

Yesterday was our 12th Anniversary. There is a couple from our church that got married on the same day a year ago. They went out for lunch yesterday afternoon. I think Jay and I were snickering on the inside. We want to tell them to enjoy it now….pretty soon celebrating their anniversary in December will be a distant memory.

When we discussed what we were going to do for our anniversary earlier in the week Jay said he’d thought about getting a hotel somewhere but then realized we couldn’t fit it into our schedules. Yes, that is the joy of getting married in December. We usually spend our anniversary involved in a school or church activity. We do try to at least go out to eat, but that just didn’t happen this year. But we are both in agreement – all we need for our anniversary (and Christmas) is our trip to St Louis and the party Thursday night.

We spent the day of our 12th Anniversary and church and then had a hectic lunch at home. After lunch Jay took the kids to the school’s Christmas program and I went to Wal-Mart. When we all got home I sat down for a few minutes because I was exhausted then I made food for our church party. After the church party last night we drove around Miller and looked a Christmas lights, while Camryn slept in her carseat. There was one house that deserved a 2nd drive-by. I’ve never seen so many Christmas blow-ups in one yard in all my life. Cade asked why we didn’t have any of those blow-ups. I told him they were too expensive. He said “wow, that family must be rich then”. Even with nothing special happening the day still seemed perfect.

If you are someone who has big dreams of doing something big for your anniversary every year (or at least the majority of them) don’t get married in December. If you are someone who knows that things are hectic like this for only a season in your life – then go for it! Christmas weddings are beautiful!

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