Friday, December 30, 2011

First Date vs Last Night

Yesterday my mom watched the kids all day and stayed the night. She told Jay and I we could do something to celebrate our anniversary since she would be there. We decided to go to Springfield because we had a few exchanges to make. Our first date was 13 years ago. Boy how times have changed….

First Date: Barely eating because of nerves and not wanting to drop food on my dress before the Block & Bridle formal

Last night: Barely talking because we were both so hungry that we concentrated on eating. When we did talk it was to repeat over and over how much Cade would love Hu Hot and how we needed to bring him here sometime

First Date: Being part of the “wild” crowd at the B&B formal

Last Night: Looking at the weirdly dressed kids with 15 facial piercings and a hole in their ear lobe the size of a dinner plate and discussing how we hope none of ours want to do that to themselves

First Date: Wore a dress that was a little more low cut than I realized until I saw some of the infamous “Party Pics”

Last Night: Looking at the awful pre-teen clothes and praying Camryn won’t want to dress like a hussy someday

First Date: Pretty much stayed by each other the whole night

Last Night: When I needed to go upstairs at Macys to see about exchanging something for Camryn, Jay asked if he could stay downstairs - There was a lady making an ugly scene at one of the perfume counters and he wanted to watch the show

First Date: Perfectly applied make-up and checked to make sure there was no food on my face or in my teeth after dinner

Last Night: When Jay finally made it upstairs after the “show” I looked up and he had something black smeared from the top of his lip and along his nose all the way to his forehead. I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants (that was certainly something that didn’t happen 13 years ago). Thought it was grease from the escalator????

First Date: Discussed in person the arrangements for the evening (went with 3 other couples) and then during the evening talked with them

Last Night: Texted a friend to get directions to some wild Christmas lights – then Jay texted them back once we found them about what he really thought of the lights

Fist Date:  Jay paid for everything...Dinner at Nakatos, drinks, B&B admission charge - everything - and willingly brought me anything I wanted or needed

Last Night:  When we stopped at Krispy Kreme I asked him to get me a donught because my feet were hurting and I had already removed one of my boots - All he said was "if you're not going in that's going to cut down my number of free ones" 

First Date: After a wonderful evening Jay dropped me off at my apartment door

Last Night: After getting almost home we remembered his truck was at my office so we had to add 20 minutes on to the drive before we could even get home. Then once in the door we were greeted with a crying baby still awake at 10 pm and another child hyped up and not ready for bed.

I’ll take last night over 13 years ago any day.

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Charity said...

Why didn't you post about falling down the steps??? :)