Monday, December 26, 2011

Five Months

I'm way behind on Camryn's monthly updates.  Now that she is almost 7 months, I'm just getting around to her 5 month update.  Oh well.

Her 5th month was a pretty slow one.  She spent a large part of the month pretty crabby.  But by the end of the month we knew why...her first tooth popped through on October 26.  Also that morning she rolled over twice.  She did it once for me and then I put her back on her stomach and she did it again for Cade.  Up to this date (December 26) she has yet to do it for Jay.  People ask me if she can roll over - I tell them she can and Jay basically says I'm lying.  But I have seen her do it a time or two since then.  Why move much when you have plenty of people to hold you???

I didn't push the solid foods much this month.  She exasperated me.   We come from a long line of good eaters....I think my sister and I ate good, Cade was good, Jay was good, Avery and Lawson were having a non-eater was driving me crazy!  I finally decided to quit trying for awhile.  I just hope she's not eating because she's not ready...not because she's going to be a picky eater! 

We took her to the doctor on October 18.  At that appointment she weighed almost 17 pounds.  She is almost out of 3-6 month clothes and is moving into 6-9.  She seems to be carrying all of her weight in her thighs.  So far her eyes are still very blue and her hair is a light brown to almost strawberry blonde color.

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