Thursday, December 1, 2011

Black Friday

This year my mom and I went shopping on Black Friday. I hate crowds, but I love Black Friday shopping. One of those weird inconsistencies with me. Jay was going to keep Camryn but then ended up having a Razorback game party so I took her with me. I didn't want his game ruined in case she got in a mood. Camryn did really good. I was very impressed. She was in a great mood and rode in her stroller like a good girl.

Here she was at 5am. She was ready to shop in her special jammies that say Best Gift Ever!! People kept calling her a boy.

This is nap #2 for the day. Bargain hunting is hard work.

Very happy after her nap. We put her bow on to avoid anymore gender mistakes.

Finally we were on the way home. Mom and I wanted to do the same thing.

We made it home for the 2nd half of the Razorback/LSU game. Too bad it was the worst half of the game. But still it was a great day for all of us.

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