Wednesday, December 28, 2011


As of about 12:30 pm on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 Camryn was officially our girl forever.  I'm not sure it's all sunk in yet.  I called BCS for the first time December 2006.  It took us exactly 5 years from start to finish.  It will probably take some time to adjust to not having to stay in contact with the agency.  It will be nice to be able to make decisions and not have to wonder how it would/could impact the adoption. 

We waited for a very long time that day.  Our time was 10:30 so we got there at 10.  We didn't go in to see the judge until almost 12:30.  They only finalize adoptions on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month and this one was the last day possible of 2011.  There were a lot of happy families waiting that day.  Since we had already waited so long what was a few more hours?

Camryn didn't care for the waiting much.  Our trip to St Louis seemed to be the start of her holiday craziness.  That poor girl hasn't been herself in a week.  I think she is way way overstimulated.  She goes back to Stacy's today - I think she is ready for her routine again.

On the way to St Louis Tuesday evening we had to stop at Wal-Mart for a complete diaper/clothing change and a good stretch.  This was the first time she rode in a cart.

Waiting to go into court.  She was eyeing another little girl who was placed through BCS.

After court we stopped by the agency.  One of the people we had worked with hadn't been able to see Camryn yet.  We also wanted to get a picture in front of the sign - signifying it was finally over!!!

After we left the agency we went downtown.  Cade wanted to look at the arch one last time (I think he thinks he will never be in St Louis again).  We ate at Spaghetti Warehouse and it was a wreck.  Camryn was a mess - One of us held her while the other scarfed down their food then we traded.  In the middle of that Cade dropped this magic thing someone at church had given him.  When it hit the floor you could hear all of the pieces scatter....and that restaurant was really dark.  Cade was down on his belly crawling around picking up pieces.  It was crazy for a few minutes. 

It seemed like it took forever but we were finally able to head for home about 4.  Then about an hour out of St Louis we had to make one massive stop.  I think it took 20 minutes because I went to the bathroom and got a drink (the line was so long to checkout).  When I got back out Jay decided he needed to go and then he needed Aleve so he had to wait in line.  While he was gone I discovered Camryn had a dirty diaper.  I waited for Jay to get back out so I could take her in to change.  Cade was sleeping though all of that.  From that point I had to ride in the backseat with Camryn.  I tried to take some pictures of her to show how crazy she was, but I don't know if they quite convey it. 

She looked like a cat about ready to jump out of her seat.  She was giving Cade a dirty look for some reason.


When we got to Springfield Jay dropped me off at Wal-Mart while he went to get gas.  I had to take Camryn with me because she wouldn't stay in the car without crying.  I took her tights off when I changed her diaper earlier in the trip.  I just grabbed her with no shoes or tights or coat and went in.  I did have a blanket that I tried to wrap around her, but she didn't care for that.  I got a dirty look from another mother who's kid was bundled up like there was a blizzard striking at that moment.  Oh well, Camryn survived.

We finally made it home about 9 pm that night.  We were all exhausted, but so very happy that the day was over and Camryn was our little girl forver. 

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Shelley said...

I love camryn's dress! What a joyous event!