Thursday, December 29, 2011

Forever Party

The very next morning, after Finalization, we got up early to get ready for Camryn's Forever Party.  One of our friends little boy came up with the name of a Forver Party after his mom explained why Camryn was having a party.  I thought it was a great name!

Thursday morning we did sleep in until about 6.  After that, we were up and moving and didn't stop until after the party.  My mom came over early to help me, which was mostly trying to keep Camryn happy.  She is definitley a Mommy/Daddy's girl right now.  She would be fine until one of us would walk through the room and then she would cry.  I think my mom was pretty tired by the end of the night also...We also had a lot of help from Jim and Sharon and my Dad and Lynn.  Thanks to them and my mom I didn't actually have to cook anything.  That was a huge help. I don't think I would've got everything done if I hadn't had their help (see comment about laundry on previous post). 

We had about 75 people total at the party...and they were all here at one time!  Our house is about 1500-1600 square feet.  You can imagine how crowded it was.  We opened up our garage and put the food, some tables and space heaters out there.  That helped a lot with the space issue.  Maybe I was just to happy and in denial, but it never seemed that bad.  The guests might have a different story....But it was so great to know how loved Camryn is in our community.  I often think about how I didn't want to move here at first, but now I'm so thankful God brought us here.  He definitely knew best!

Janella made the cake (of course!).  Notice how it matches Camryn's dress?  The napkins and plates for the cake were the reverse of her tights.  I'm big on matching themes, and No, no one can remind me of that when Camryn is a pill about her clothes matching in a few years.  The day I bought stamps for her invitations I went to the Post Office to get my stamps and the mail for work.  I was so excited that they had ornament stamps this year that would match both our party invitations and Christmas cards.  In fact I was so excited that when I got back to work I realized I had forgot to get the work mail.  I had to go back to the PO. It was embarrasing explaining that in the office...

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Shelley said...

Camryn looked simply adorable. I love all of the matchings you do... he he. And her outfit. To die for. Where did you get it? SO CUTE....but not as cute as the girl in it! :)

And have I told you how happy I am for you lately? ;)