Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some more adoption humor...

As you know (because I've talked it about in the last several posts) I'm working on a new profile book.  I'm about 90% done with it.  I need a few more pictures from this coming weekend and I should
be able to wrap it up.

A couple of weeks ago we said yes to having our profile shown to a mom who's not due for awhile.  I have no idea when she was going to look at them and since her due date is so far away I'm not really expecting an answer very soon.  But at times my mind wanders and I'm very curious if she has made a decision.  I'm not going to email the agency because the second I do that they always phone in with their decision and it's never us.  So I'm just waiting and wondering on occassion.  But this one has not tore me up the way a lot of the others do so that is a welcome change.  Today though I was a little curious.  In a roundabout way I decided to get some info from our caseworker.  I told her I had our new profiles almost ready and needed to know how many to order.  I was really hoping she'd read my email and I'd get a phone call back saying DON'T HIT THAT ORDER've been picked but we were going to wait a little closer to her due date, etc.  Do you think that's what happened today?

No, it wasn't.  Instead I got an email back that said  Why don't you order 4 or 5.  Yeah, sure...I'll get right on that.   


Shelley said...


And by the way, our minds work the exact same way. I would have done and thought precisely what you did. :)

Rachel said...

BLAH. I'm so sorry. It's tough to be told NO so many times.