Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Jay!

Yes, Jay is a Cinco de Mayo baby, but sadly he's never celebrated with a Mexican Fiesta.  Next year his birthday will be on a Saturday so make plans now - Mexican at our house!  This year he is having take-out Chinese.  Things have been a little hectic this week and once again I've turned our family room into a sweat shop....I was going to make his favorite - Sweet & Sour Meatballs but they are extremely labor intensive.  It's more of a weekend meal when I have more time.  So instead he's getting Sweet & Sour Chicken and a raincheck on the meatballs.  But he knows I love him anyway! 

So in honor of 34 years I'm reposting one of my favorite pictures.  This was from 2007 - Cade's first year of Coach's Pitch

And Jay - It's time to put away the "you're older than me" jokes for yet another year.  I know you love those 47 days of the year when I am older than you, but that time has drawn to a close.  We are both equally old now!   

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