Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Last night Avery had a T-Ball game so Cade and I went to Nevada to see her play.  There was a scheduling snafu...the schedules were printed with games starting on the hour, last nights was 6, but the coach failed to notify the parents the games would start 1/2 hour before the printed time on the schedule.  As past little league coaches Jay and I were quite baffled by that scenerio.  And since I can't stand disorder it drove me nuts.  I still can't understand why you would print a schedule but not have the games start at that time.  But like Jay said - welcome to Vernon County!  Yes, they don't have it as together has Lawrence County (ha ha!!!)  So anyway, half of Avery's team was late (including Avery) and so were Cade and I.  We got to see her bat 1 time and then the game was over.  Then Charity, Avery, Lawson, Mom, Cade and I went to eat Mexican.  That was when the excitement started.....

I tried to snap a few pictures to record the absolute chaos that ensued at the restaurant, but it just doesn't do it justice.  I'm sure everyone knew we were in the place.  It started with Lawson.  He was put in a highchair at the end of the booth and he would immediately stand up and crawl on the table towards the chip basket.  Mom was shoved in a far corner with the chips and the salsa trying to keep them out of his grubby reach.  I bet he crawled on the table 5 or 6 times.  Charity finally moved him to the booth between her and me.  Avery and Cade sat with Mom on the other side.  Cade was in the middle and he said Avery kept rubbing chips in his hair.  He didn't like that.  So mom switched him places but Avery didn't like that - she wanted to sit by Cade.  So they switched again.  While that was going on Lawson was grabbing everything in sight...chips, salsa, napkins, drinks etc.   Then Lawson's food came - cheese quesadilla and beans.  Charity told me she was sorry for getting him beans.  At some point during the evening both of us were touched by grubby bean covered hands.  One time I caught him before he touched me and then he looked right at me, grinned and reached for me again.  He knew what he was doing!  Charity left with beans in her hair and all over her black tank top.  Towards the end of the meal Lawson grabbed a spoon and started eating the cheese sauce.  We were all too exhausted to stop him.

Then Avery had to go to the bathroom.  I guess she always has to go when they eat at this place.  Mom took her.  Then Cade decided he needed to go so he went to the bathroom.  Mom's who only have 1 boy will understand my fear here....When they reach this age they are too old to use the women's bathroom.  It embarrasses them, which is understandable.  So you let them go the men's by themselves but you get nervous if it takes them longer than a minute.  If you had two boys it would be better - safety in numbers, but one boy is hard.  I don't think anyone can really appreciate it until they've experienced it.  Or when you have to go you position them outside the door with instructions to scream if someone tries to take them and you use the bathroom in record time all while wondering if they really would scream if someone tried to take them.  I had one of those moments last night when Cade used the bathroom for the 2nd time while we were at the restaurant.  It was odd for him to go twice in that short amount of time.  Then it seemed like it was taking him a little longer than normal.  Charity is still in baby mode so she didn't see anything odd about Cade's disappearance.  I told her to just wait until Lawson was this age.  She will be in the same predicament, unless she has another baby soon and it is a boy (after last night I wouldn't recommend that to her though)  Someday she will be hoovering outside the men's bathroom door trying to peak in anytime it gets opened. Anyway Cade finally came back before I had to march into the men's bathroom to see what was going on.  He said "Well, I did have to go to the bathroom but mostly I just stood in there for the quiet for awhile."  Yes, it was a crazy night....and a reminder of why God has placed our children 9+ years apart....

Can you see all of his curls...it was especially curly last night.  It fit is personality perfectly last night.  Even mom said she had never seen him quite so wild before.

Avery was so excited to see Cade.  I need to get a picture of the two of them standing together.  I was quite amazed by the height difference.  But Avery picked Cade up off the ground.  I'd say he is at least twice her weight.  She is strong. 

Here is the cheese sauce covered boy.  You can see it dripping down his shirt.
Last night was one of those priceless evenings! 

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Charity said...

I was ready for bed when we got home, but of course, they kids needed baths! Lawson didn't make a sound when Justin put him in bed- I think he was tired too! Thanks for coming to the game- Avery was so excited to see you and Cade!