Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baseball has started.  So far this year it feels a little weird.  We had so many practices rained out and then we had one game last week cancelled due to weather that it hasn't really felt like baseball yet.  Last weeks missed game is being made up on Saturday and we will have to miss it and Friday nights game because of the county fair.  I feel like we are only half doing it this year - too many other things are going on right now. 

This is our first year to be in full fledged baseball.  The games are six innings or 1.5 hours long.  So far we've managed to play 4 innings in that time period.  I'll be honest - these games are long.  Very, very long.  Last night we sat by another family and we laughed at our boys.  Cade and Colby are definitely about the same in their sports abilities and desire.  We said we needed to start saving for college now, because neither of them would end up with sports scholarships.  Pretty sure the mother sitting beside us thought we were terrible.  She is one who has confidence that her child is really good and will be really good someday.  Jay and I are more realist....Cade could be decent if he worked at it, but he doesn't really want to work at it so we feel our job as parents then is to maybe steer him more in the direction of something that he might be more interested in.  Hence the county fair on Saturday.  There is a fine line you walk as a want to encourage your child to do all that they can, but also keep it real.  Hopefully we haven't damaged him too much.  But he does look stinkin' cute in his uniform.     

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