Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Post!!!

Finally I get to post "The Post" that Ives waited to do for years. We were places with our sweet baby girl today. Camryn Lee was born June 3, 2011. I'll update more aboutthe last month of our lives later, but it was an exciting time. We are so thankful that God answered our prayers and the many prayers of our friends and family. She is perfect. Now...I'm off to buy some hairbows :)

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The Journey to our Daughter said...

Oh, Chrystal that is wonderful! I am so happy for you all. I have some hair bows that are too tight and some clothes that I would be glad to pass along to you for your precious little girl. Some of them were bought or gifts after we met Josie for the first time. She had on a 3-6 months sleeper that was pretty big for her. Well she obviously took a growth spurt between visits so she out grew them before she could ever wear them. Send me your address at cpinson2@cox.net if you could use some 3-6 and 6-9 month winter stuff. I'm anxious to hear the story but for now enjoy your snuggle time.

Shelley said...

YAY!!!!!!!! What a good looking family. I know I've sent you many texts saying this, but you know I am simply over the top excited for you guys. Can't wait for our first play date with the girls!

Rachel said...


Amy said...

I am sooooo happy for you guys!!!! Congratulations! BTW, she is adorable.

Anonymous said...

We are overjoyed that so many prayers have been answered and you have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl to love! We can't wait to meet her!


Morgan, Leslie & Josie